Dr. Palash Sen


Dr. Palash Sen

Dr. Palash Sen, the lead vocalist of the hugely popular Indian band Euphoria, had pioneered the Hind-rock movement in the late 90’s. A decade and four hit musical albums later, Euphoria’s music has matured into a uniqueness that is characterized by a harmonious blend of the guitars, drums and keyboards on one side with the earthy Indian instruments and percussions on the other.

Untouched by the fame and success, Palash still remains entrenched in his middle class values. Palash, who is a big hit especially with the young audiences in colleges across the nation because of his approachability, sense of humour and the connection that comes from his educational background, has become the brand ambassador for MBAGuru.

Whenever he is able to take out some time from his busy schedule, he loves to invest it with the students and in the process inspires them to not give up their education for their passion or vice-versa. He, of course, has shown by example that one can excel at both. “Music might have made me famous and successful but I take great pride in my education, because that has surely made me a better human being” says Palash.

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MBA Guru is the reason why I have been shortlisted of so many B Schools. Their biggest USP is their adaptive approach to preparation. They make you work hard particularly on your weaknesses so that they become your biggest strength. Their faculty is also one of the best I have studied under. The AIRCAT's that they have are closest to the real CAT exam and also their counselling sessions are of great significance in boosting one's self confidence. If someone is serious about CAT then MBA Guru is the place to be.

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