Aishwarya Girdhar

How Adaptive Prep works?

Here are the reasons why ADAPTIVE Preparation for CAT is more powerful than Old Style / Traditional CAT coaching:

  1. Adaptive Assessment/SWOT – A comprehensive assessment of all areas including communication and goal clarity
  2. Adaptive Module – Extra sessions on your weakest area identified through SWOT
  3. Adaptive Sessions – Level wise assessment within classes to help you know where you stand in any topic. 50% more in each topic through 3 hour sessions.
  4. Adaptive Homework – Your personal plan for practice after each topic/class
  5. Adaptive Tests – Level wise tests in each area to help you reach your best
  6. Adaptive Batch Size – max 30 to ensure you make the most out of each session
  7. Adaptive Card – a snapshot of your progress at all times. It helps our full-time mentors to know and help you in the best way

Delivered through full-time mentors, these 7 elements of ADAPTIVE make it 7 times more powerful than old style coaching. And it is not surprising then, that our success rate is also more than 7 times better than the average success rate at CAT.


My overall experience with MBAGuru was extremely positive as the faculty as well as the administration personnel gave their best efforts towards the overall grooming of the students, which is crucial from the perspective of any reputed B-school. The adaptive course was extremely helpful as it ensured that individual attention was given to every student according to his need, and weak areas which resulted in a customized preparation for everyone of us. I am heartily thankful to the entire team of MBAGuru for helping me achieve my goals.

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