Aishwarya Girdhar

Mini Swot



Reasoning & DI


E1           B

M1         C

R1           D

A1           A*

E2           C

M2         B

R2           A

A2           A

E3           D

M3         D

R3           A

A3           D

E4           A

M4         C

R4           B

A4           A

E5           B

M5         C

R5           D

A5           D

* Please note that the answer for question A1 is not [B] Sachin Tendulkar as the question asks for the first “person” who scored an ODI double-century. The first person to do it was a woman Belinda Clarke 🙂


MBAGuru played a very important role in my final CAT result as well as my overall personality. Classroom strength was optimal and the environment in classes was full of energy. Teachers here are very well experienced in their subjects as well as dealing with our problems related to our profile. My ADAPTIVE classroom program was a breeze with Vaibhav Sir teaching QA and Tina Ma’am teaching Verbal. GD-PI/ WAT part is handled by Vikram sir who made every session a whole lot interesting than it can be. I can whole heartedly recommend MBAGuru to anybody who is thinking about joining any coaching institute for CAT preparation.

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