July 15, 2020
online preparation for cat
KNOWING is easier. Most of us KNOW the right things to DO. We know the importance of discipline. We know the value of focussed effort. We know the need for motivation. DOING is tougher. But then knowing is so easy that we even know which bowler should have bowled that final over; which batsman should...
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online cat classes
Sometimes a fantastic sportsperson gets a lot of flak for one bad performance. Just one off day in a match, or worse still, a trophy lost, many expectations and hopes shattered, and the entire past seems forgotten and the entire future hopeless. Being unfairly harsh because of one instance of failure is not right; although neither...
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best coaching for cat
Do you know why young Ashwathama, despite being a keen learner and son of Dronacharya himself, was not considered the best student by his father? Ashwathama too did not, and thus one day asked his father the same. That day, Dronacharya, during the tutelage, arranged for an exercise where all students were told that a...
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