August 2021
Around this time of the year, many students write to me expressing their fear of writing AIRCATs. In case you feel that way, you are not alone, and that suggests that it is natural to feel this way. There are so many who feel similarly. A very bright student wrote to me similarly expressing her...
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Like the Football World Cup a few years ago, and the Cricket World Cup a couple of years ago, the Tokyo Olympics were yet another reminder of some of the most important lessons of life. Some of these lessons are as important for your online preparation for CAT. Having talent is one thing, being able...
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What is the purpose of practice matches before a big series/tournament? What is the purpose of rehearsing several times before the actual event? It is to get a sense of what is likely to happen, learn to adapt to the demands of the finale, to identify areas of improvement and correct, to experiment to improve....
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There are imagined problems, there are real problems, and then there are epic ones. Quant in CAT is a bit of all of these. Despite being equal in importance to the other 2 sections in CAT as far as CAT preparation is concerned, the QA section ends up getting a lot more attention (focus, anxiety,...
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best coaching for cat
As you continue with your online preparation for CAT, the role of mock CATs (AIRCATs at MBAGuru) begins to gain importance at this stage of your preparation. As an enthusiastic CAT aspirant, you may have access to multiple test series and therefore, find yourself flooded with a huge number of tests available for practice. A...
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how to prepare for cat
Should you be writing AIRCATs right now even if your course is not finished? If you have been suggested to go ahead for the AIRCATs as per your batch’s course coverage, you should. Else, you should wait just a little longer. Taking online tests is a habit that will take some time to develop. You...
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cat 2021 online coaching
When you think about how to prepare for CAT, you evaluate yourself, right? And you think you know? You think you know what is it that you are not good at? Let’s say you think you are bad at X (X could be quant, or English, it could be learning something new or anything else...
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When I wrote to you a few days ago, I asked you about the one habit that can change (it for) you and enable you to make the most of your online preparation for CAT. What I wrote then reminded me of the book ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller that I read a few...
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