November 2021
A perspective post today’s CAT: No one (but the IIMs) really knows the right answers to the questions. (And they will share the same in early December.) No one (including the IIMs) really knows, as of this moment, how lakhs of aspirants did and hence, what score would get what percentile? (This will become clear...
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online coaching for cat
As you revel in the anticipation of the exam you have prepared so well for (even if you think otherwise at times), and overcome an occasional bout of anxiety (which is natural and in fact good as it will help you stay alert), all of us at Team MBAGuru wish you the very best of...
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Is your VARC Accuracy troubling you?
Success at CAT, as at most things challenging, depends upon the following 5 factors: Your Ability – this is something all of us possess in different measure in different areas. This infact, is the crux of ADAPTIVE Prep for CAT – that each of us is skilled in different ways. Knowing yourself well allows you...
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You might be an artist who has rehearsed a zillion times before the actual show – you won’t feel your preparation was enough. You might be a sportsperson who has worked for years for this big match – you won’t feel your preparation was enough. You might have crammed that speech 100s of times for...
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The CAT 100%iler we did not claim
Leicester’s run during the 2015-16 Premier League season defied the odds – literally, they had 5,000-to-1 odds of winning the title that season – and clinched their first trophy in team history. (5000 to 1 is similar to only 45 students out of 2.25 Lakhs succeeding at CAT! The probability of success at CAT is...
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Many of you have been asking this question on various forums. The most effective strategy for revision at this stage, as shared by several MBAGuru students from the earlier years, is to use the Class/Home sheets of all 3 skill areas/sections. With a total of around 50 sheets (excluding ADAPTIVE modules) and say 8 days...
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Write AIRCATs/mocks only if you are feeling good about the same, or if you can stay unaffected by the scores and can simply do it to stay warmed up. If you are feeling even a little bit jaded, don’t attempt any more mocks. If you have got a good score lately, again, skip any more...
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best coaching for cat
For those among you who’ve seen Suits on Netflix, Harvey Specter’s pompous and enjoyable claim to being the best closer in New York legal league would be pretty much at the top of your memory. Closer home, we had the pleasure of seeing someone else as the best closer in the cricketing business for almost a decade...
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(Strange topic this – because chance and luck can be used interchangeably in many, probably most, cases.) Be it in sports, in the financial markets, or when it comes to how to prepare for CAT, some things are common and common sensical. If you want to increase your probability of success in any of these...
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Prepare for CAT like you would for a marathon
I keep getting Telegram messages from some of you daily. Of late, the main theme across these messages has been: P R E S S U R E. The stress that’s peaking as the culmination of the best CAT preparation practices you undertook approaches. The AIRCAT scores that don’t seem to improve. The hard-work that doesn’t seem...
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