July 2022
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I can understand if you feel that I use a lot of examples from sports in the context of CAT Prep. I am guilty as charged on that account. But I really can’t help shed light on the similarities that could be a source of learning for every CAT aspirant. Sometimes a fantastic sportsperson gets...
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We understand why a school football team has a coach. Or why we send a kid to a tennis or a chess coaching academy. There is a need to learn the basics in both these cases – as could be in case of a majority of CAT coaching takers. But why do even the best...
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What’s clue can chasing a stiff target in a cricket match provide about the most important CAT prep mantra? When you are chasing a big target batting second, you can’t afford to look at the target and be intimidated. The first step is to not get out and believe that you CAN do it if...
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I have been writing this piece around this time of the year for several years now. A lot of students I interact with share this query especially around this time and stage of their CAT preparation. It is interesting as to how different the same thing appears when we see it from a different perspective...
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Along with the best online CAT coaching, it is true that the students also need to check the type of coaching fit for them.
Mock CATs, or AIRCATs at MBAGuru, are one of the most discussed parts of a CAT coaching. They bring up more questions than most other elements of the CAT preparation process. Many of you write to me asking what is the Ideal number of attempts in a section or overall in a mock-CAT or the...
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Many of you have written to me expressing your worries about poor scores in some AIRCATs/mock CATs and how it is affecting your CAT preparation. Many others among you would have faced a similar challenge in any new field you adopted anytime in your life – for example, you just started learning how to play TT and...
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When you have too many tasks pending, it seems impossible to move forward. On that really long task list, the sheer number can bog you down. It is crucial to tick off a few as soon as possible. How should you go about it? You could start with the one that can be done the...
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In some ways CAT Prep is similar to preparing for any other competition in any sphere of life or work. When you face something that’s tougher than you were prepared for, you have two options: 1. Panic, like most others would in a similar situation 2. Stay Calm and Adapt Now, what would be the impact of your reaction on your...
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