3 lessons from Shubhman Gill for your CAT preparation!

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As most of India celebrates an incredible cricketing victory over Australia, experts are going gaga over the “find of the series” – Shubhman Gill.

2 years ago, in early Feb 2019, I wrote this article (on Tendulkar, Kohli and Gill) and I quote:

“Shubhman Gill was the player of the tournament 12 months ago in the Under-19 World Cup tournament in the same country that he made his international debut in a few days ago. And he isn’t someone who had faced any failures till then. Infact he mentioned that he is teased by his sister if he doesn’t make a 100 for a few matches – “tere se toh sau bhi nahi ban raha”. From that high to 2 failures on the international stage within 3 days won’t be easy. But it won’t need a change in his technique for him to become the next big thing. It will be more his mind than his bat that will decide how this story builds.”

And you may not even know what happened thereafter. The failure in the New Zealand series in early 2019, in which he had debuted as a highly promising future top order batsman for India in white ball cricket, meant that he disappeared from the radar of media and cricket fans alike. He wasn’t even discussed as a potential batsman during the ODI world cup when India was struggling after the top-3 batters!! Others came in and made their mark as he struggled, waited and possibly overcame his mental demons in the background. And when fate threw him an unexpected chance in the recent India-Australia series, he grabbed it up with both his hands (or shall we say hands and feet given his phenomenal footwork). He not only brought an end to the ‘near-zero’ opening stands India was having until then, but also laid the decisive platform for an Indian win on the final day of the series. His contribution and confidence was worth much more than the 90 odd he scored. It made everyone believe.

So, what changed for him during these 2 years?

Technique? Not significantly.

Talent? Naah, he was and remains super talented.

New shots then? Nups. He always had a wide array of shots.

Now, why do I think he will be a phenomenal cricketer for India in the years to come and the 3 lessons for every MBA aspirant, regardless of whether you are taking CAT preparation online classes or engaged in self-preparation: 

    1. He came back from a huge failure, after which he was written off by others. If you can come back from such a low, it is never a one-off thing. Because you know you can handle failure and bounce back, again … and again … and again, if need be. So, finally success will have to embrace you. You will face some failures during your CAT preparation, or maybe even at CAT. Whether you can come back from those failures or not will decide your future.
    1. He learned to adapt to overcome his weakness – when the Australian bowlers began a barrage of short balls, he made a minor change to his shuffle (moved back and across to get into a shot-making position). It was a small but powerful change. That’s why your CAT 2021 online coaching or approach towards MBA preparation should be ADAPTIVE. You have to adapt your preparation to the challenges or weaknesses you face.
  1. He believed he belonged. This is the single biggest take away for any of us, not just at CAT but in life as well. He did not start doubting himself, he did not settle for less – he stuck around because he believed he belonged at the highest level. That’s what you need to figure out for yourself too. The limits you define in your mind will become your limits of success too.

I quote again from my write-up from 2 years ago:

“That is true not just on the cricket field, but in life – be it at your CAT coaching or at the final interviews for the IIMs. How you move past your struggle, how you believe in yourself, and how you script your story – and whether you change the level – in your mind!”

About the author: Deekshant has sleep-walked through several 100 and 99.9 %iles in practically every section of the CAT. That he is a cricket fan and he writes okay is evident from most of his posts. 1000s of our students swear that he can motivate almost anyone to double his/her percentile through very simple yet powerful inputs. And that’s why every MBAGuru student has direct access to him via mail and Telegram. Oddly, he somehow also finds the time to write songs professionally. And yes … almost missed this … he is an alumnus of IIT Delhi & IIM Cal 🙂

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