Don’t flow like the river

Sometimes it’s just not easy to rectify a fault, to say yes to a commitment, to raise a hand to differ, to accept your weaknesses.

Displaying one’s strength comes very naturally simply because it places one above the others; but to be one in the crowd not waiting to be marked but to make a mark is easier said than done. Strolling on this vast esplanade, all of us are striving in our own little ways to make a difference and then waiting in bated breath to see to what extent the difference is acknowledged by the others.

In my career spanning fourteen years I have come across students of various age-groups and caliber. Most of my students are well-settled today. They remember me because it’s easy for them – there’s one teacher for many students. But if you ask me how many I remember then I can’t list many. There can be several reasons for this and insofar as my evaluation goes it’s primarily because some were very silent in the class thinking that they are not as smart as others while others were those who never realized the importance of interaction with the teacher. If a concept was not clear to them they would blame it on their ineptness to understand .. much like the river .. taking the path of least resistance. Instead of overcoming the obstacles the river always courses a path around the rocks and continues to flow.

“Don’t flow like the river”

Students must remember that they should never hesitate to ask questions. They must remember that just like a parent, a teacher is there to help them walk steadily if they wobble on the path of knowledge. Raise your hand and see how many join you.

Now that the prep years of education are going to be over .. now that it is time to turn your dreams into reality by initiating what will stay with you for life .. don’t let vulnerability trump your strength. Instead of cradling your head in your hands for every question you stumble upon, approach the teachers and share your concerns. Rein yourselves in and bell the CAT.

The writer is a post graduate in English. A university topper throughout, she believes in hard work. Her motto in life is “do not accept life as it comes to you, make it come as you expect it to”. She is a creative writer and most of her articles have been printed in Times of India, Hindustan Times and other national dailies. She’s been teaching for the last fourteen years and feels that nothing in life has been more satisfying for her than being herself.

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