Extempore is the art of speaking without any preparation on a given topic. Most often the term is used in the context of speech and stage acting.

Why do we need it?

So why do we need Extempore from the MBA point of view? Reason: Decisions have to be taken on the spot by the man-in charge (read manager) so it is important for him to be quick in his thinking process. At the same time proper communication has to be done by the manager with his juniors to allay the frayed tempers of the people around him (if at all the tempers rise). So the manager has to be equipped with this skill in order to give instant answers. The collateral impact that this makes is that it builds an instant rapport of with the people around him / her. At the same time this quality also brings out the leadership quality and the risk-taking ability of the individual, both at policy level and execution level.

The body language and confidence level that the manager exudes coupled with the ability to express his thoughts articulately and fluently in English are few other abilities tested through this skill.

What are the common problems faced?

How to build the skill?

Topics presented upon in extempore range from abstract (summers have come, Black is beautiful et. al.) to concrete issues such as those related to Finance (Disinvestment, Black Money and Corporates) and of national importance (Lokpal bill, overdose of fasts, corruption etc).

Most importantly maintain your poise while doing anything during extempore. This will send the right signals to the panel judging you.

The writer of this piece is an MBA from the prestigious IISWBM, Kolkotta – India’s Oldest B-School founded in 1953, and the home of learning for many distinguished business leaders. A Quantitative Ability faculty at MBAGuru, Leader in Adaptive Preparation for CAT, he is immensely popular among the students as much for his QA fundae as for his affable nature. He also is a designated mentor for students seeking help with institute application forms and guidance.

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My entire experience at MBAGuru was valuable. Their ADAPTIVE Prep methodology changed the entire scenario and helped me overcome my weak areas. The faculty here is very helpful. They cleared all the basic concepts. GD/PI was entirely a different experience. It was special. I am thankful to the entire team for their guidance and I am sure that they will continue to give me support and motivation.

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