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1.    Why RC?

We all know the importance of ‘reading’ in our lives. Just to reiterate the same – ‘Reading makes a man wise’. Some other motivations for reading can be:

2.    History

Over the years, CAT pattern with respect to RC has changed. Earlier, the focus was SPEED – having a very high reading speed. Questions used to be primarily fact-based. The number of questions was somewhere around 50 and the passage length used to be 1500-1600 words approximately. Now, over the last 3-4 years, the focus has shifted to comprehension, having a deep understanding of the passage, and in-depth reading. The kinds of questions also vary from title-based, central-idea based, tone-based to inference based. Each question tests in-depth reading.

3.    Reading Speed

Though the focus is on comprehension, a good reading speed is always beneficial. So, keep reading at a decent speeds (250 wpm +), which will help in managing your time well while taking the test. But, comprehension cannot be compromised.  Your primary focus should be on in-depth, logical reading so as to attempt questions accurately. Speed will come with practice and more test-taking.

4.    What to read for at least 1½ to 2 hours everyday.

5.    Topics in RC

Any topic under the sun can come, but pay attention to areas like philosophy / psychology/ Arts/ Sociology etc. Variety is very important as you need to familiarize yourself with different kinds of writings.

6.    Always pay attention to the passage rather than using your own knowledge / thinking in the air.

7.    RC is not as abstract and vague as it seems. It can be made as objective as Mathematics and questions can be handled reasonably accurately.

The writer of this small yet powerful piece is a graduate in English Literature from the Delhi University and has pursued her Post-graduation in management from IIM Indore. At MBAGuru, she is one of most popular mentors for English among thousands of MBAGuru students. Her Adaptive English sessions are absolutely loved by those who are weak in English.

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