My Biggest Fear- To Fail Again

We all are in the rat race and the fear which we live today is not that we will succeed or not but it’s the fear of lagging behind. Adding to this I had another fear, my biggest fear – the fear of falling again.

It has happened to all of us, we all have failed many a time, but it’s the attitude of fighting back with which we come back to level the scores and then finally win the situation.

The biggest question coming into your mind is: is this article really worth your attention and time? Definitely the answer is a big YES, as this illustration is a simple extension of feelings which once you must have also experienced or currently experiencing by going through a tough phase of life viz. preparation of some entrance exam, recovery for illness, trouble in relationship or absence of economic freedom. This might clarify the real purpose of your struggle, the struggle for accomplishment. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to take risks and to enlarge the circle of accomplishment. I have been a good specimen of how the circumstances, expectations, results and failure can affect the mind and body. If a person is happy, it implies that his body is also healthy and if a person is sad he is more likely to be infected or rather effected by a disease. It’s a viscous circle where body drives your mind and mind drives your body.

Going forward I would like to introduce myself, I am Saurabh Hasija, born in a middle class family. And as it a usual practice in middle class family parents had high hopes from me, hopes regarding a booming career, hopes of me working in a MNC and earning a handsome salary.

I believe the working style of people influences, and we have the capacity to positively influence people around us with us work. The best practice to follow the best practices around your vicinity of workspace.

Another thing which I realize is that it’s only me who is the creator of my destiny. As the Rome was not build in a single day, preparation involves strategy as well as execution of the plan. One might not be successful in the first attempt, but it’s important to keep trying.

The real learning started in 2006 when I joined Finolex Academy of Management & Technology, Ratnagiri. Since then its been a learning experience. In this span of 7-8 years I have realized that life has no mere significance but it’s a beautiful journey, with everyone enjoying their own destiny. But seldom it happens that two individuals experience the same path, same success and more importantly the same failures. Reasons for the above is that we are born in different families, with different economic and social backgrounds, biologically we speak and eat differently, go to different schools, meet different people, have different mindsets and therefore have different aspirations. Many a time aspirations are forced on to us, and due to different mindsets it’s difficult to accomplish if we want to become a person what we think of and not the person what our parents, relatives, friends or the spouse wants us to be. I am not stating the fact that my parents wanted me do engineering or MBA but it’s just that some day you may find yourself in such a situation.

It becomes very difficult to decide then, but its very important to take an informed decision. After all it’s your life and you are the controller of it, then why should give the remote in somebody else’s hands. Having said that it becomes very appropriate to mention that don’t disrespect your peers, elders and subordinates, carefully and patiently listen to each and every word they share with you, also because they are telling you that for your good and not theirs; but don’t get carried away. No matter the what the situation is favourable or unfavourable, just put in your best. A mature person is the one who is bold enough to accept his or her mistakes, and ready to put in the effort to change the circumstances.

This is the way I believe life is to be lived, it’s my style !!

The writer of this article, Saurabh Hasija, is currently a student in IIM-Ranchi and was previously a student at MBAGuru. You can catch the original piece at:

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