Tips to crack Verbal Ability – 1

This segment cannot be mastered in one long stuffing session or within a scheduled number of days. You need to start right now and then pick up fast, until the yearning to know the language seems innate.

Here’s how to make a start:

If you are looking to learn English, there are a plethora of options to help you on the net. The internet has truly opened up the world to other cultures and has made getting English Lessons much more accessible to everyone.

The writer of this piece is a graduate in English Literature from the Delhi University and has pursued her Post-graduation in management from IIM Indore. At MBAGuru, she is one of most popular mentors for English among thousands of MBAGuru students. Her Adaptive English sessions are absolutely loved by those who are weak in English.

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Since beginning, MBAGuru faculty and curriculum adapted to my weaknesses and strengths. While areas I was good at were further strengthened, my weaknesses were worked on by the faculty members, who supported me at every stage of my preparation. Now, when introspect, I feel lucky to be a part of MBAGuru as it really transformed my life.

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