Efforts vs Results

Improve your scores in CAT

Efforts need to be consistent and linear. Even a 100m dash champion prepares year-round for those 10 seconds of excellence.

Results are rarely, if ever, linear. For a lot of effort (& time) invested, you could see zero results. It doesn’t mean your efforts are worth zero. Just means the cumulative threshold of efforts (& time) needed to get positive results hasn’t been achieved yet.

Results will often appear later than you would expect them to, but will generally be better than you might expect them to be.

So, keep making consistent efforts. The results will be sporadic.

The first 1000 hits of the spade may just hit dirt and hard rock, but without those the 1001th one hit won’t hit gold. So, even with nothing to show after those first 1000 hits, the results weren’t zero. They were just adding up in the background.

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