Experience Adaptive Preparation for CAT

Experience ADAPTIVE Prep for CAT

1 This application contains 10-minute SWOTs (tests) on 20 most important topics across English, Quant and Data Analysis that you will be tested on in CAT and other b-school entrance exams. Take test and know your level in the topic instantly. Once you know, you can plan your efforts accordingly – that is the essence of Adaptive Prep – make your prep effective and efficient.

At the end of each SWOT, you get your level in that topic and a detailed analysis of your performance. The app also contains a series of videos on each topic. The app guides you to use the concept videos first in case you’re weak in a topic, otherwise it guides you to watch tricky questions in case you’re good at the topic. The app adapts to your needs.



My experience at MBAGuru was wonderful. The ADAPTIVE methodology is a completely unique preparation strategy. I have had a wonderful experience at MBAGuru; the teachers are phenomenal; the class room environment is lively; the support staff is courteous and always ready to help. The GDPI sessions were enriching and played an important part in my overall development. I owe my success to the entire faculty of MBAGuru. I would recommend all MBA aspirants to experience the ADAPTIVE methodology.

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