Extra tuition class even after joining a CAT Coaching?

Years ago, we used to go to school – oh, wasn’t that such a fun & fab experience!!?

Back to the point – at school, inside classrooms, all of us learned the same stuff, right?

But did all of us take the same tuitions after school? No!

The ‘pain-point’ was different for each of us, and our tuition was meant to be the pain-reliever, right 😀

Now, a traditional CAT coaching institute is very similar to a school.

A teacher will teach the same stuff to everyone in a coaching, right? Yes.

But should you be practicing the same stuff as everyone after your coaching also? No!

Why? Obviously your needs will be different from my needs.

But would you join what you think is the best CAT coaching course and then, on top of it, also take up a tuition for a weaker subject? No, that would hardly be smart, right!

What’s the solution then?

This is where ADAPTIVE Prep (at MBAGuru) is a hands-down, proven winner. It has been rated as the best CAT coaching in Delhi by 1000s of CAT aspirants across years.

Your first step at MBAGuru is a comprehensive 3+ hour SWOT analysis done with the help of a series of assessments in Quant, English, Communications and even Goal Clarity!

We need to know where you are starting from to help and guide you to your destination!

But we don’t stop at telling you what you are weak in.

We ensure and provide what are effectively tuitions in your weaker area. You read that right! But read it again 🙂

If you are weak in (say) Quant – you will get special access to EXTRA classes, EXTRA material, EXTRA attention and EXTRA focus in Quant with other students who have the same weakness. Ditto for English!

This is ensured via powerful ADAPTIVE Modules that help you become so comfortable with the subject that you are not short on confidence when you attend sessions with other students who are good in an area that you are weak in.

Plus the CAT expert faculty members interact so much more with you in these tuition .. err, ADAPTIVE module classes … that he/she knows you personally and pays more attention on you even in the regular batch classes.

That’s how students who fear Maths/ Quant at the beginning end up at Top MBA colleges like Komal from DU made it to SP Jain.

Or students who struggle with English (like Kashif initially did) make it to IIM Ahemdabad!

That is the power boost you get when your coaching can help you make best use of your time. And not cause you to waste it just following others.

If you want this extra power boost for your weaker section(s), ADAPTIVE Preparation for CAT at MBAGuru is the powerhouse you need.

It is designed for students just like you, who know that they need to improve a lot in a specific area.

As I said earlier, it is the perfect coaching for those who are not already perfect!

You have 2 options now:

Option 1: Explore here how the ADAPTIVE Modules have powered so many average students and helped them turn their wicked weaknesses into their super-strengths.

Option 2: Do nothing, stay content. I just hope you are not just wasting time in that case and making daily progress on your CAT Prep.


– Team MBAGuru

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