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This is NOT a marketing gimmick. This is relevant for you if you have any doubts about whether YOU can make it to a top MBA college. You may be worried that you are weak in Quant or uncomfortable with English, you may be concerned about your not-so-impressive academic record, or your mind may have created some imaginary fears to stop you from moving ahead.

But I am still asking you to do this one thing today. It will help you overcome most doubts or fears that are stopping you at this moment.

Go to the video section titled 1-minute stories of students just like you. Take out 15-20 minutes and watch some of these stories.

Komal used to struggle with Quant initially. She is now at SP Jain.

Kashif was a working professional and had very little time apart from a BIG fear of English. He is now at IIM A.

Shikhir used to barely manage a 60%ile in Quant but finally rocked a 95%ile in Quant. He converted 5 Top colleges including IIMs, SP Jain and MDI.

Mayank was worried sick about his poor Grad scores. He is now at IIM Lucknow.

Anjali was an International Athlete (represented India) and had 2 practices a day to manage her CAT prep with. She is now at IIM Indore.

Ayush dreaded English like I dread an unreal Bollywood film. But he did ok – he went to IIM Cal.

Mohit had a war with DILR before he nailed it perfectly in both CAT and GMAT. He is now at IIM Cal, preferring it over ISB.

Disha even got a 36%ile in Quant in some mocks but finally nailed a 98%ile and had so many colleges to choose from (IIM Shillong, IIFT, MDI, SCMHRD and more) that she was confused.

All these are normal, real guys/gals like you and I. They had the best CAT Coaching experience once they overcame their doubts and apprehensions. Every successful journey needs one to overcome doubts and embrace a belief.

The reason I am asking you to do see these “marketing videos” is to help you understand and imagine, yourself as someone who can and will finally succeed.

Understand that normal humans like you and me who succeed. Even they have fears and weaknesses.

Imagine what you can achieve once you believe in yourself and put in your best efforts.

So, don’t be worried, even if you are worried 🙂

It is natural. The doubts, some confusion, some question on whether you are doing the right thing or whether you can do it.

Sprite ka nahi pataa, par isi dar ke paar jeet hai 🙂

If you work like you can, and must, and allow ADAPTIVE Prep to work like it does, we would perhaps be asking CAT aspirants to watch your videos next year.

Yes, looking forward to that? Me too!!

And if you need more fuel to ignite your spirit and spur yourself on, check this out and start your journey to become a star on this page next year!


– Team MBAGuru

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