How about a CAT Coaching that’s designed with you in mind?

So, you now know that traditional coaching WILL NOT work for everyone.

Because it works in the same manner for everyone who goes through it, even if you choose the best coaching for CAT.

It is an assembly line system – for mass production, not for individual excellence.

It works best only for the super-bright ones (who need only some practice and competition, and not much improvement).

Others are doing it … well … just because (more of) others are doing it.

So, what’s the solution then?

How about a coaching method that works for YOU, with YOU and on YOU?

In a coaching, how do we actually prepare?

We are taught each section/subject, topic by topic. We have books, we have a topic-based class and when we are in a good mood, we come back and we practice that topic from the material given to us. And if we are really sincere, we practice everything that’s given to us.

And we do that regardless of how good or bad we are in that topic, right?

But is that smart? Not quite. Let’s see how.

Let’s say there are 2 topics in Quant (Maths).

One is Profit & Loss (P&L) and the other is Speed & Time & Distance.

Say, after you’ve read the concept and even attended the class in your coaching, you are at a level of around 50 (on 100) in the first one and 90 (on 100) on the second one.

Should you come back home and practice in equal measure on both?

No, right?

Which one should you invest more time on?

The one in which you are at 50 (a possible weakness) or the one in which you are at 90 (an area of strength)?

Obviously, Profit & Loss (the one in which you are at 50), right!

Why so? Let’s see:

The key thing here is not where you are, but how much can you improve.

The most crucial thing is the scope of improvement.

Because the more you can improve, the more your chances improve.

And you can obviously improve more in an area that you are weaker.

It is also a much smarter investment of time!

(Remember your biggest investment in your preparation is not money, which can be earned again, but time, which once gone is gone – pffftt!)

How is it a smarter investment of time?

If you are at 50 in a subject or a topic, even a little effort (and time) can take you upto say 75 – a gain of 25.

But if you are at 90 already, it would take a lot of effort (and time) to get to even 95 – a gain of merely 5!

Now, traditional coaching doesn’t help you figure out where you need to invest how much time.

But ADAPTIVE Coaching (the one that MBAGuru provides) works just on that.

After every class, you know where you are and your homework (yes, the compulsory ADAPTIVE homework) differs for each student.

After every single class, YOU know what exactly do YOU need to do on that topic.

So, in a topic in which I am better than you, I will spend less time and practice only the tougher questions (and I will know which ones exactly).

And in a topic in which I am weaker than you, I will spend more time and practice right from the easiest level and move up (again, I will know which questions exactly).

That’s how simply and beautifully ADAPTIVE prep works. Every single session helps you finetune your prep and use the time best according to YOUR individual needs.

To sum it up, ADAPTIVE Prep works on you, and for you!

It ensures that you invest time according to your needs.

It ensures that you get the maximum fire-power to sky-rocket your CAT percentile.

It ensures that you never compromise just because you are different.

If you want this powerful technique that combines discipline and best-investment-of-time, you and ADAPTIVE Preparation for CAT at MBAGuru are a match made in heaven.

It is designed for students just like you, who know that they need to improve a lot, but need a dose of daily discipline – they need to know what exactly they should do after every class.

It is the perfect coaching for those who are not already perfect! That’s why it is rated as the best online CAT coaching by 1000s of students from across India.

Explore here how this ADAPTIVE homework has helped so many average students make it to India’s Top MBA Colleges.

– Team MBAGuru

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