Aishwarya Girdhar

How Adaptive Prep works?

Here are the reasons why ADAPTIVE Preparation for CAT is more powerful than Old Style / Traditional CAT coaching:

  1. Adaptive Assessment/SWOT – A comprehensive assessment of all areas including communication and goal clarity
  2. Adaptive Module – Extra sessions on your weakest area identified through SWOT
  3. Adaptive Sessions – Level wise assessment within classes to help you know where you stand in any topic. 50% more in each topic through 3 hour sessions.
  4. Adaptive Homework – Your personal plan for practice after each topic/class
  5. Adaptive Tests – Level wise tests in each area to help you reach your best
  6. Adaptive Batch Size – max 30 to ensure you make the most out of each session
  7. Adaptive Card – a snapshot of your progress at all times. It helps our full-time mentors to know and help you in the best way

Delivered through full-time mentors, these 7 elements of ADAPTIVE make it 7 times more powerful than old style coaching. And it is not surprising then, that our success rate is also more than 7 times better than the average success rate at CAT.


My experience at MBAGuru was wonderful. The ADAPTIVE methodology is a completely unique preparation strategy. I have had a wonderful experience at MBAGuru; the teachers are phenomenal; the class room environment is lively; the support staff is courteous and always ready to help. The GDPI sessions were enriching and played an important part in my overall development. I owe my success to the entire faculty of MBAGuru. I would recommend all MBA aspirants to experience the ADAPTIVE methodology.

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