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ADAPTIVE Prep Vs Traditional Coaching

ADAPTIVE Prep for CAT, as the name suggests, is preparation that adapts to YOUR individual needs and requirements, works on YOUR weaknesses, and continuously guides YOU on how to best utilize YOUR time according to YOUR needs to maximize YOUR chances of success.

Every CAT aspirant, essentially invests the following 2 things in her/his coaching:

  1. Money, for coaching: classes, books, tests etc.
  2. Time in preparation

The purpose of both the above investments (infact the purpose of any positive endeavor in life) is to maximize your chances of success.

While the first factor (money invested) is important, it cannot significantly alter the chances of success. It is the second factor, time invested in preparation, which can decisively impact the chances of success. If you are thinking of investing time in any coaching, consider the following:

CAT Preparation would typically entail an investment of around 1000 hours (plus/minus a few 100 depending upon various factors). Out of that, any coaching would take up around 300-350 hours, and almost twice the effort and time will have to be made use of by you at your own place, on your own.

So, would just 350 hours of great classes suffice? No!

You have to be able to make best use of the remaining 700 odd hours equally well to maximize your chances of success.

Traditional CAT coaching, entails the following:

Classes Material Test Series Mentors Batch


Learning & Discipline Understanding & Practice Benchmarking

Teaching & guidance

Class-like learning & Competition
Traditional Coaching

Same for all. Nothing that works on YOUR specific needs.

Since these elements are identical for all – you study from the same books, go to the same classes, take the same tests, are taught by same/similar mentors, and learn alongside the same/similar pool of students, there is nothing in the process that is designed to increase YOUR chances of SUCCESS.

Traditional Coaching, by default, just makes everyone a little better. It works almost similarly for every sincere, hard-working student, regardless of your strengths & weaknesses, needs & aspirations. Even worse, it gives no personalized guidance for making best use of the remaining 750 odd hours that you would prepare yourself for.

You might just feel lost in 1000s of questions, 100s of books and sheets, and dozens of social media groups and platforms – working hard but directionlessly and ineffectively.

ADAPTIVE Preparation for CAT works very differently from, and far more effectively than, traditional CAT coaching. Not only does it ensure additional work on your weaknesses, it also ensures that the time you invest in your preparation is best used in maximizing your chances of success.





Comprehensive SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) Assessment

Assessment of starting point, Know YOUR strengths & weaknesses

2 Additional ADAPTIVE Module Sessions & Material in Weaker Areas – English, Quant etc

Builds confidence & knowledge in weaker areas. Makes you ready to face normal classes.

Ensures more than double the attention, as only weak students are present in such sessions.

Ensures a tuition-like rapport, comfort.


3-Hour long Topic Wise ADAPTIVE sessions Enables smooth Course Coverage

Ensures understanding & application through 2 Levels of questions (Easy and Difficult)

Helps assess the topic as a S, W, O or T

Helps build 3-Hour CAT-like endurance


ADAPTIVE Batch-size

Enables great interaction among a maximum of 30 students in a batch



Ensures you invest time at home exactly as per YOUR needs

Ensures impactful use of 700 hours that you need to invest away from coaching

Reflects your proficiency after investing 8-16 hours in a topic


ADAPTIVE Online Tests

Ensure that you reach YOUR best in each area



Ensures YOUR progress gets reflected and monitored continuously

Allows mentors to give you minimum inputs for maximum guidance

Helps immensely in your question selection in the actual CAT/exams

Therefore, it works to fulfill the sole purpose of your preparation – increase YOUR chances of success at CAT/B-School exams. It prevents mindless hardwork and instead ensures that you invest the time to get the best returns as per YOUR needs. Delivered through full-time mentors, these 7 elements of ADAPTIVE make it 7 times more powerful than old style coaching. And it is not surprising then, that our success rate is also more than 7 times better than the average success rate at CAT.


MBAGuru is the ideal platform in transforming one’s talent and skill into success. The comprehensive study pattern integrated with the ADAPTIVE learning helped me to build on my strengths and work on my weaknesses. The ADAPTIVE sheets in the classroom, AIRCATs, regular faculty interaction are a big boost towards preparing for CAT. I would like to sincerely thank MBAGuru and the faculty members for helping me in my quest to realise my dream of IIMs.

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