How many Mocks?

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You may have access to multiple test series and therefore, find yourself wondering just how many mocks is right. While there is no single/perfect answer to this, do keep in mind the following:

1. Mocks are practice to prepare for the actual CAT. So, don’t overdo and be tired by the time you need to peak. Do only so much as to keep yourself confident and wanting to do more.

2. Mocks without analysis and followup action are of little use. And if you are at a level where you don’t need to analyze and improve something, you might as well not be taking any mocks – because in that case, you don’t need to 

3. You don’t have to practice more, just because you have more. What you bought something for is ‘sunk cost’, but the time you spend on using it isn’t yet sunk cost. You don’t read every book that you buy, watch every movie on your Netflix Subscription. So, don’t try just because you (can) buy!

One AIRCAT per week is usually a good number to keep going with – allowing you enough time to analyze and improve before you write your next. A little variation on either side could be just as good in your specific case – so, suit yourself.

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