How serial 99 percentilers create more 99 percentilers, year after year?

Once you are inside a classroom for your CAT exam preparation:

The board outside the CAT coaching does not matter, it does not change the best ways of how to prepare for CAT!

The brand or the name of the coaching you joined does not matter.

The advertisement that lured into joining that coaching does not matter.

The only thing that matters is the teacher, the faculty, her/his expertise and command over the subject as it is tested in CAT, her/his ability to focus on you, and how she/he can get the best out of you.

All that matters is you, your focus, and your learning. Even if a faculty is good, but is not able to give you adequate attention, then you won’t gain much from the brilliance of that faculty.

Hence, it is important to explore, verify, confirm and double check 2 points:

First one is, how much attention will you get inside a classroom?

And second and most importantly, who exactly will be teaching you?


At MBAGuru, a couple of things add up to give you roughly 4 times more attention than a traditional CAT coaching.

First of all, there is a strict limit on the batch-size and it does not exceed 40 students in an online batch and 30 students in a physical classroom. This allows more time per student from a faculty as compared to a 100+ batch size in online classrooms and 50+ in offline classrooms of most traditional CAT Coachings.

And then, each topic-wise session is split into 2 parts and totals upto 3.5 hours in an online batch and 3 hours in a physical classroom (as compared to only 2 hours at all traditional coachings). This means almost 50-75% more time on every topic for you, from the faculty.

And this also allows more time for doubt clearing, right there and right then!


As for who will teach you, at MBAGuru, your teachers come from Delhi’s Biggest Pool of CAT-99 Percentilers. Most of them have nailed absolute top percentiles and ranks in their respective sections. And they have done it not just once, but time and time again. Yes, they keep appearing for the CAT and attempting their sections to keep abreast of the changes so that your learning is the best, and the latest! If the CAT coaching you are considering joining mindlessly, can’t tell who exactly will teach in your batch, and what is their exact CAT experience, their claims of quality mean nothing for you – zilch, zero, nada!

At MBAGuru, only faculty members from this pool will teach you and within batch sizes mentioned above.

If quality of faculty and attention from them in classroom are your main concerns, you are in luck. Because those who know how to crack the top percentile in their own section, year-after-year, are truly powered to help you get there.

You can book a call now and speak to a senior counsellor now to know more about your queries, and even get clarity on exactly who out of these faculty members will teach YOU in YOUR batch!


– Team MBAGuru

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