How to double your CAT percentile in your weaker subject

If you think you don’t need CAT Coaching to score a high percentile at CAT, STOP right here.

Else, let’s carry on from my last article.

The reason you want to join a CAT Coaching is that you want to IMPROVE as much as possible, so that you do much better than others.

This is where even the best CAT coaching institutes that follow traditional coaching fail to do justice to the expectations and the trust of the CAT aspirants who join them. While these institutes do not lack anything on the face of it – they have good teachers, large quantities of good material, and everything else. But still 99% of their students fail to succeed. Why?

Now, for someone who needs a coaching do improve as much as possible, I can’t tell which would be the best CAT coaching for you. But I can tell you this:

  • Traditional CAT coachings give you competition.
  • Traditional CAT coachings are designed for bright students, who only need competition and lots of practice.
  • Traditional CAT coachings are not built for improvement of students who are weak in one or more area.
  • Traditional CAT coachings just treat everyone in the same manner. The one-size-fits-all approach.

So, if you are already awesome, just go join any decent traditional coaching, and you will be fine.

But what if you are not already amazing?

Then you need something that has worked for CAT aspirants just-like-you. Something that can bring out the best in you and propel you to the top.

If you want a coaching to really help you improve drastically in say Quant (Maths) or English or overall, you must find more about ADAPTIVE Preparation for CAT.

It is designed for students just like you, who need to improve a lot.

100s of students have found it so powerful to even double (or in cases, more than double) their percentile in their weaker area/overall.

It has ensured the success of 1000s of students just like you.

If you want to know more about how it has helped so many average students excel, you can explore it here.


– Team MBAGuru

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