At the center of ADAPTIVE Prep is YOU, our student! Our IIT-IIM alumni team is committed to help you experience the best CAT Prep Classroom Program in the country. That’s the reason nearly 50% of new students join us because of strong references from our existing students.

As a token of our appreciation for this amazing trust that we share with our students at MBAGuru & to help them spread the word, we allocate certain Invites to our students. These invites carry a monetary value which can be used at the time of admission to the ADAPTIVE classroom program. We aim to attain a 100% invite based admission process in place over the next 3 years, with zero requirement of money allocation for advertising purposes.

Presently in the Other 50%?

Incase you do not know any MBAGuru student carrying a currently valid Invite, just sign up for our Invite List. We release a certain number of Invites for each of our Centres basis batch & seat availability. You will receive an invite once it is allotted to you basis availability. Please sign up only once and wait - signing up multiple times may decrease your chances of getting an invite as the system may qualify you as a bot in case you apply multiple times within a short span of time!

Get an invite

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Use it while it's valid*

As of now, invites will be rolled out on a regular basis and will become scarce as time goes by and the number of seats available for the current CAT Classroom Programs diminish.

The number of seats available in any CAT year program in ADAPTIVE Prep are limited by the upper cap of 30 in any batch and faculty members being only from a qualified, experienced and rigorously trained pool of ever available experts.

*Validity of invites may vary

How can I get an invite?

You can get an invite from friends who have already enrolled for a classroom CAT program at MBAGuru, and have a currently valid invite or by participating in our contests or promotions. For notifications about our contests and invites, subscribe to our blog and / or join our community on social media:

How long before my batch commences can I enroll myself using an invite?

In the event of your using an invite while enrolling for a batch commencing later, your registration will be valid for a period of upto 60 days from the day of enrollment. The invite and all related benefits will lapse incase you do not take up a batch within this period.

How long are invites valid?                                                                                              

Invites are typically valid for 48 hours for non-enrolled students. For invites to share generally issued to our enrolled students, you typically have a 15-day validity.

How many invites can I share?

An MBAGuru student is likely to receive 2 invites during his entire course at MBAGuru. Non-enrolled students are likely to receive upto 1 invite in an academic year. However, you can share as many valid invites as you may receive as a part of the ADAPTIVE Prep community.

When do I receive invites to share?

Once you enroll for a classroom program for CAT at MBAGuru, you may receive an invite anytime during the program. Students who have not yet enrolled generally get invites that are non-transferrable.

My invite expired, can I have a new one?

When an invite expires, the corresponding seat is allocated to someone else waiting for an invite. Unfortunately, we cannot reissue invites every time one expires. To ensure you are seeing all emails from MBAGuru, make sure that mails from don’t end up in your spam or stay hidden under the Promotions tab. You can do this by adding to your mailbox contacts.

When can I enroll for a CAT Program without an invite?

As of now, you can join our classroom program anytime while the 50% seats that are open for admission without an invite are available. The only thing you lose out is the monetary incentive that goes with the invite to recognize and appreciate the marketing costs our students save for us through an incredible word-of-mouth publicity. Going forward, we expect the proportion of these non-invite seats to decrease.