Is CAT Coaching a Must for You?

CAT coaching is essential and that is why MBAGuru is here for you!

If your aim is to crack the CAT and ensure admission to a Top B-School such as the IIMs, XLRI or FMS, you might be wondering if it is necessary to join a CAT coaching. Whether you should prefer a CAT Classroom coaching or an online coaching for CAT is a question that comes later. It would make sense to answer that only once you have answered the question – is CAT coaching a must for you?

While this is not a question that someone else can answer for you, I can suggest how you can think about it and try and answer it for yourself.

Start with a simple question

What is your primary purpose of CAT preparation or CAT coaching? Some things that could come to your mind are time management, learning of concepts, loads of material, lots of practice, discipline, tests, competition and many other similar things. But wait – these are the tools that you will use on the way to a Top B-School. What is the purpose?

Would you agree with the purpose: It is to maximize your chances of success at the CAT/similar exams?

With over 2 lakh CAT aspirants and only a few 1000 seats up for grabs at the Top MBA Colleges, your statistical probability of success is not great. But you want to prepare in a way that ensures that your probability of success goes up significantly. You want it to give you YOUR BEST CHANCE AT SUCCESS, right?

To Simplify it Further

If you agree with this, let us simplify it further. You want to IMPROVE as much as possible, so that you do much better than others. That’s the only way to be in that top percentile at CAT. Correct?

Some aspirants say our purpose of joining a coaching is to face competition.

But then if you think about it, can you really compete well without improving as much as you can?

Competition is the final environment in which you need to succeed – but what will get you that success?

How will you succeed?

Will it competing with 1000s of others, or will it be becoming so good that you can leave most of those 1000s behind? Getting so far ahead that they are not able to compete with you!

If you are having trouble thinking – think of what happens in a sport. You first practice and improve so that when you play a tournament, you can compete well and win.

You can’t just compete or win, without improving first.

You DON’T Need a Coaching

If you are already really good, as some students are, and DO NOT need to improve much (if you are already nearly perfect!!). In that case, you only need competition. Every year, I do come across a handful of such students. And most of these brilliant students crack a Top B-School, without a full, formal CAT coaching.

Most such students only need one or two TEST Series and the competition element it exposes them to. Because test series is for competition and classroom coaching (online or offline) is for actual improvement. This could also be the case for someone say who got a 93-95 %ile in a previous CAT and is looking to go to a better B-School this time around. The basics are already in place for such students and they just need well directed practice and competition.

If you are such a student, then you don’t need to opt for a CAT Coaching. But if you feel the need for a significant improvement, chances are you would be better off with a CAT Coaching.

About the author: Deekshant has sleep-walked through several 100 and 99.9 %iles in practically every section of the CAT. That he is a cricket fan and he writes okay is evident from most of his posts. 1000s of our students swear that he can motivate almost anyone to double his/her percentile through very simple yet powerful inputs. And that’s why every MBAGuru student has direct access to him via mail and Telegram. Oddly, he somehow also finds the time to write songs professionally. And yes … almost missed this … he is an alumnus of IIT Delhi & IIM Cal 🙂

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