Is your CAT coaching pulling you up or down?

When you opt for what you consider the best CAT coaching, you put in your (or your parents’) hard-earned money, your own hard-work, and precious effort across months. And what, if after all of this, all this actually harms more than it helps you?

You prepare to get better, and move ahead of others. But what if your CAT coaching doesn’t really enable that? To get a sense of how that may happen, first let’s see how a traditional coaching works. And, in turn, what does a traditional coaching offer? Well, regular classes, lots of study Material, good faculty members, lots of tests for practice and an overall environment with other aspirants as competitors, right?

Now, just think … what comes to your mind when you think how to prepare for CAT at a traditional CAT Coaching? At any traditional coaching, you will get the same study material, go to the same classes, be taught by the same kind of faculty (who are usually experienced and good no doubt), practice the same tests, and experience the same environment – same as everyone else!

You will surely improve through this practice and some regularity and direction. But won’t most others improve almost equally?

If I begin (say) at 70/100 in Quant & you begin (say) at 40 & both of us go through the same process, do you even stand a chance? No, I will still be ahead of you finally. Then, how will your chances of success improve? You get the point, right?

Your chances of success depend on how much of an impact the coaching can make on you, knowing where you are starting from, what are your strengths and weaknesses, and in which specific sections and topics you need extra attention! But sadly, no traditional CAT coaching does that!

At the end of it you shouldn’t feel – “I paid money, I slogged for hundreds of hours, I invested months of my life – for nothing. Just because, effectively, my coaching ensured I didn’t get that 99 percentile.”

If this big doubt seems genuine to you, chances are you really need ADAPTIVE Preparation for CAT. This also holds true if you are looking for the best online CAT coaching.

It has ensured the success of students just like you, who started from very low levels in some section or the other.

If you want to know how ADAPTIVE Prep beats the sh** out of Traditional Coaching, you can explore it here.


– Team MBAGuru

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