Not sure if you need coaching to get 99 percentile at CAT?

So, cracking CAT is a goal you have set for yourself, and a Top MBA college is your destination. But you realize that you need to aim for a high percentile to make it to a Top MBA College.

You are confused about whether you need to join a coaching? And if so, which one? While I can’t answer that for you, I can suggest how you can think about it.

The first part, covered in this article, is whether you need coaching or not?

So, start with a simple question: What is the primary purpose of finding the best CAT preparation or the best CAT coaching for yourself?

Time management? Learning of concepts? Loads of material? Lots of practice? Discipline? Tests? Competition?

But wait – these are the tools that you will use on the way. I asked for the purpose!!

Let me see if you agree with the purpose:

It is to maximize your chances of success. (Why don’t you take a moment to check out the 7 times higher success rate enjoyed by 1000s of students at MBAGuru year after year!)

You want to prepare in way so that your probability of success goes up significantly. You want to IMPROVE as much as possible, so that you do much better than others.

That will give you your best chance to get a high percentile. Correct?

Some aspirants say our purpose of joining a coaching is to face competition. But can you really compete well without improving as much as you can?

How will you succeed while facing that competition?

Don’t you first have to become so good that you can leave most of the others behind?

Think of what happens in a sport. You first practice and improve so that when you play a tournament, you can compete well and win.

You can’t just compete or win, without improving first.

You DON’T Need a coaching:

– If you are already really good, as a very few students are, and DO NOT need to improve much (if you are already nearly perfect!!), then you only need competition.

– If you are capable of, and know the path to, cracking the 99 Percentile mark in CAT, you DON’T need coaching. You only need one or two TEST Series and you will get all the competition you need. Because test series is for competition and classroom coaching (online or offline) is for actual improvement.

And what if you need a coaching?

Well, in that case, you need to think what kind of CAT coaching will help you improve the most?

But more on that in the next article.

You want to see how CAT aspirants just-like-you more than doubled their percentiles, in their weaker areas or how ADAPTIVE Prep for CAT propels 1000s of students to success, year after year?

Get a sneak peek here.


-Team MBAGuru

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