Remember Your Best!

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Remember the times (or just that one time) when you did better than you expected?

Scored well on a test, won that tough match, came up trumps in that debate, and you were happy!

Were you under pressure and came through?

It means you have great pressure handling ability.

Were your expectations so low that you just didn’t worry?

It indicates that you probably are at your best when you don’t care much.

Were you so focused on the process that the goal did not matter?

Were you so focused on the goal that the process took care of itself?

How were you feeling before that event? What were you thinking then?

The answer to these questions might just help you get your act together now. What worked for you then will be a clue to what is very likely to work today.

So, revisit your winning moments, rediscover the journey. The combination to the treasure lock ahead might just click in your head.

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