Should you attempt the CAT again?

Confused whether to take CAT again or not?

This is for you if you haven’t done as well as you (or we) would have hoped and worked for.

Now that the Aptitude Tests that form the first stage of the selection process for the B-Schools, are almost over for the season, and most of the results have been declared, some of you would be faced with a dilemma. Many of you have written to me, met me and asked whether you should be attempting CAT/other exams again. While I am trying my best to reply to each one of you individually, this mail may also help some of you who have been facing this conundrum but haven’t reached out to someone so far.

First of all, step back and get the bigger picture right – life gets decided by a lot of things, but results of some exams CANNOT stop you from getting where you deserve to be in the long run. So, cheer up and smile! You played your best and even Champions have to face their share of losses. That doesn’t make them losers; it just propels them to do better when the next opportunity presents itself.

Secondly, make use of all the chances you still (may) have – some results are still awaited; some B-Schools are yet to release call details. Prepare yourself and go out and experience every single GD/PI chance that you get. You will know yourself better and you will gain invaluable experience. You can finally decide NOT to go to a B-School you don’t consider good for yourself. But get that conversion first. Give it your best shot first. Make it count first. The confidence and the experience will help you a lot even if you decide not to pursue any opportunity this time around.

(As an MBAGuru student, we encourage you to make best use of the GD-PI-WAT preparation process even if you have not received a call. Please reach out to your center and make best use of this wonderful chance of being mentored by the very best.)

Finally, if you strongly believe this wasn’t your best and that you could do a lot better, then you owe yourself another chance. A year means around 2% of the rest of your life. So, you should not spend 4% of your remaining life in a B-School you don’t find worthy of yourself, and certainly not spend the next 50-60% of your life (the working life) with the impact of that being your final education. So, attempt again if you feel you can do much better. However, how you feel is a question you alone can answer.

To get a glimpse into what is possible once you set your mind to it, do not miss out on this inspiring story of how someone with a 66%ile at CAT-2017 totally transformed his second effort to achieve a 99%ile at CAT-2018.

Whatever you decide, if there is anyway in which we can help you, please feel free to reach out. And as long as you try your best, in anything you do, we will be very proud of you.

MBAGuru students (past or present) can telegram(message) me directly at in response to the above write-up or for any other thing I can help them out with. Please do mention your Batch Code and please be patient – while I may struggle to respond quickly at times, chances are I will get back to you sooner than later.

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