The everything & nothing of CAT Coaching

The everything & nothing of CAT Coaching

Your CAT Coaching offers you a lot – classes, (extra-classes, level-wise homework if you are at MBAGuru), study material and extra-material for practise, doubt clearing sessions, tests of varying difficulty levels and at different levels such as topics, sections, overall, and then you have online groups, communities and channels that are on practically 24×7, and blogs and articles (such as this one :)), fundas from students successful in the past and so much more.

If you aren’t overwhelmed, consider yourself extra-ordinary. Chances are you would be soaked like it would be while you’re out walking in the Mumbai monsoon rains without an umbrella.

And then you have access to stuff at other places – free groups and communities, or low-priced test series of other CAT preparation institutes, or something that your friends are doing, perhaps a book you saw someone engrossed in. Voila – more of everything.

You are trying your best to be your best everywhere.

Chances are you are freaking out, if you still aren’t making progress inspite of ALL this.

Well, what if I told you that you are most likely not making progress because of ALL this.

When you try and do everything – you end up with nothing, almost always. Because you don’t do enough of anything to take it past the threshold levels.

So, cull out the weeds, remove the needless, get rid of things that take up a lot of time but don’t actually help you improve your chances of CAT. You may lose 1-2% edge there in a worst case scenario – but you can get 10 times more (or even 100 times more, depending upon how inundated you are in the flood of meaningless prep practices) in the time you free up daily.

Even an hour wasted daily still means 100s of hours – and that’s a lot to become a master in 10 areas you currently struggle in. Imagine what that can do to your scores!

Don’t do stuff just because everyone does it all the time – don’t allow FOMO (fear of missing out) to dictate your priorities.

When you focus on everything, you actually focus on nothing!

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