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Data Interpretation 2 Question

The following charts shows the price of three items - logs (per cubic meter),......

Vocab Question

Choose the option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word in incorrect or inappropriate.

Grammar Question

The answer chose offer four ways of phrasing the underlined part.........

Para Jumbles Question

The reality is the companies can take action over their logos as well as their name says morag.

Polygons Question

In a square of side 10 cm, with each vertex as center, 4 quarter circles are drawn.......

Set Theory Question

In the School there are 200 student, 100 play cricket, 50 play hockey and 60 play basketball, ...........

Quadratic Equation question

Find the number of roots common to the equations x'3-5x'2+3x-9=0 and x'3-6x'2+8x-15=0,..

Permutation Combination Question

There are two parallel lines P and Q, with 10 points on P and 15 on Q, how many triangular can be formed with these 25 points?

Properties Of Triangles Question

In the figure, D is midpoint of BC. E is midpoint of AB, F is midpoint of BD, G is midpoint of BE, and H is midpoint of FB..

Commercial Maths Question

Two vessels contain a mixture of diesel and kerosene. In the first vessel, the ration of diesel to kerosene is 8:3 and in the second the ratio is 5:1. A 35 liter drum is filled from these vessels so as to contain a mixture of diesel and kerosene in the ration 4:1. How many liters are taken from the second vessel?

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