Commercial Math Question

Pipe A fills a tank of 800 liters capacity at a rate of 60 liters a minute. Another pipe B fills the same tank at the rate of 40 liters a minute. A pipe C at the bottom of the tank Drains the tank at 30 liters a minute. If pipe A is kept open for a minute and then closed…


MBAGuru is one of the best institutes with the best faculties. Tina maam, teaching VARC made the subject interesting and easy to understand and helped me tackle the subject that I was fearing the most. Quantitative Aptitude, despite being a difficult subject was taught by Rohit sir with so much clarity, i was made to believe that i could crack that section with so much ease. Vaibhav sir had a unique way of teaching DILR, every question from his perspective seemed very easy and we were able to understand it better. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

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