What do you value more – time or money?

Money and time – these are the 2 things that you invest in a coaching, right? But which of these is a bigger and the more important investment? Important in terms of how it may affect your success as you continue your journey with the best CAT coaching institute.

It can’t be fee, right? Whether you pay 40k or 70k – once you have paid it, it is gone. It can always be earned back later in life. And paying more won’t get you to a Top college by itself, even if you have chosen the best online CAT coaching.

But if the CAT coaching you join does not ensure that you make best use of the time then all the money and all the time you invest is gone forever. And gone with it are your chances of success!

That, dear friend, is the biggest constraint of a Traditional CAT Coaching. It just does not value time enough – even if its name itself is *ime 😉

It just says to you – show me the money, and then practice more, take more tests, spend more time and you will be fine. Now, you understand that’s BS, right?

Bottomline is, I can’t be you and you shouldn’t be me. Because to improve in the best manner, both of us need to invest time according to our needs, according to our strengths & weaknesses.

If you are weaker in Quant than I am, and both of us spend the same time solving all the practice material that we have been loaded with, 2 things will happen:

One, you will still remain behind me in Quant.

And two, I would have wasted a lot of time in over-practicing Quant, whereas I may have needed to spend that time on say English.

If you want a CAT coaching to really ensure that you use your time most powerfully according to your own needs, you would love ADAPTIVE Preparation for CAT.

It is the perfect CAT coaching if you are not already perfect for CAT!

You can see here how it has helped so many average students turn their weaknesses into their strengths, just by making better use of their time.


– Team MBAGuru

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