What is MBA?

MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a postgraduate degree course in Business Studies offered by MBA colleges, popularly referred to as Business Schools (B-Schools).


What happens in a B-School?

Life in a good B-School moves in a Fast Forward mode – it moves at a frenetic pace across classes, assignments, projects (even live ones!), case-studies, presentations, games, fun, choice of electives, summer internship and much much more. It will be over before you know – but it will stay with you for the rest of your life.


What value does an MBA add?


Why an MBA?

The demand for MBAs from good B-Schools is huge – Global marketplace requires business managers & India happens to be a hub of business activities! Graduation alone seldom suffices in the business world – at best, it slows you down. MBA gives you the extra that you need. MBA Gives you the flexibility to work across functions, sectors and industries or to even become an entrepreneur! A few additional zeroes at the end of your salary figure won’t hurt – would they?


Who can do an MBA?

Any graduate in any discipline from a recognized college, university. Some exams have certain eligibility criteria – for example, CAT requires you to have scored 50% or more (for general category students) in your graduation. Quite a few others require only a pass percentage. Further, some colleges put up higher cut-offs in past academic performance during the short-listing stage. But then again, quite a few good ones don’t.


Is work-experience important for MBA?

Work-experience, though not yet a necessity in Indian B-Schools, still gets you some points in the selection process. It helps later only if your prior experience aligns with your placement after an MBA. In a nutshell, great if you have it, don’t worry if you don’t.


What happens after an MBA?

This pretty much depends upon what you want to do and what functions you choose to specialize in. But typically, if you do well, the least you end up doing is get placed in a great company – Goldman Sachs, HUL, Mckinsey & Co, CitiCorp and many more of their ilk come looking out for the talent on your campus.


What do I need to get admitted to a good MBA program/college?

The selection to most MBA programs/colleges is invariably through a 2 stage process. The first stage requires you to perform well in an aptitude test with multiple-choice questions in English, Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation & Reasoning. CAT is the most representative of exams in the 1st stage. The 2nd stage takes place once you are shortlisted on the basis of your performance in the 1st stage and it entails comprehensive personality assessment via personal interviews, written ability test, group discussions and other similar tools.


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