Which of these methodologies gives you a better shot at 99 percentile?

So, you want to maximize your chances of success at CAT. And you are wondering how to prepare for the CAT exam in order to ensure that.

And for that you need to make the best possible use of your time, you need to prepare as oer your individual needs, and in line with your strengths and weaknesses.

And the right coaching for you would be the one that helps you do the above in the best possible manner. That would indeed be the best CAT coaching for you!

Now, it is for you to decide which type of coaching, what methodology, gives you a much better chance at cracking that 99 percentile in CAT?

Consider the major differences between ADAPTIVE Prep at MBAGuru and most traditional Coachings:

First, look at the methodology – While Traditional Coaching treats everyone as same and uses one-size-fits-all approach, ADAPTIVE Prep works on your individual needs at every step. Don’t choose a coaching, choose a methodology. And the choose the best coaching using that methodology. If you are not perfect already, ADAPTIVE Prep is perfect for you!

Second, consider individual attention which can be gauged from the batch-size: To ensure greater attention on you as an individual, the batch sizes in ADAPTIVE Prep are limited to 40. If attention is what you need, ADAPTIVE Prep has you covered.

Third, see if the prep provides focus on weaknesses: Traditional coaching doesn’t give any extra attention to your weakness, but ADAPTIVE Prep is designed to help you turn it into a strength with extra work and focus. The number of students in a batch is even lower for ADAPTIVE module classes, ensuring even more attention. It has shown to be 7 times more powerful as compared to traditional CAT coaching.

Fourth, consider how Classroom Sessions are designedWhile classes in Traditional Coachings are shorter (2 hours per topic), the ADAPTIVE Prep classes for each topic are 3-3.5 hours each. That’s an additional 50-75% more in every single topic! This is because traditional coaching classes are one-way and teacher-centric whereas ADAPTIVE Classes are student-focused, interactive and hence, need more time.

Number five, consider the depth of Class-work – The ADAPTIVE Sessions require each student to attempt 2 levels of questions of a topic in every single class. This is facilitated by the faculty. For aptitude, there is nothing better than learning by doing, instead of just theory being taught.

Number six, whether you feel the need of discipline or Compulsory Homework: Well, if you aren’t serious, then ADAPTIVE Prep isn’t going to be your cup of tea. But if you need that extra push and discipline, then the ADAPTIVE Homework being compulsory will help you take your prep to a whole new level. For thousands of students every year, this was one thing that worked like the trampoline push to reach Top MBA colleges.

Last, but not the least, consider the faculty pool: Inside a classroom, the brand doesn’t matter. Who teaches you and how defines how much you gain from a class. The faculty pool for ADAPTIVE Prep at MBAGuru is made up of serial toppers in each section of the CAT. And they live and breathe ADAPTIVE Prep, inspiring thousands of students starting from weak points, turning them into believers, session by session.

So, if you are really serious about your CAT goals, take a decision as every single day is an opportunity – to improve and jump past 100s of your competitors.

If you are a middle-of-the-pack student, you need to get ahead of around 300 students every single day for a year to make it to a Top MBA college. Read that again!

And relax, we know what we are talking about. That’s why your seat at MBAGuru comes with a 100% Refund Assurance commitment, anytime until the first 4 sessions scheduled for you.


If you have any other queries, including when you should start your prep, and whether ADAPTIVE Prep suits you best, just book a session with one of our senior career counsellors NOW and see your apprehensions melt away.

– Team MBAGuru

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