10 Days to CAT-23: CAT Prep Finale

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Some practical fundas for the final stages of your CAT Prep for CAT-23:

  1. Write AIRCATs/mocks only if you are feeling good about the same. Or if you can stay unaffected by the scores and can simply do it to stay warmed up. If you are feeling even a little bit jaded, don’t attempt any more mocks. If you have got a good score lately, again, skip any more mocks. Remember, beyond a point, the number of mocks don’t matter; the numbers in mocks don’t matter either. You’re going in confidently is all that matters.
  2. Make sure you begin adjusting your sleep-cycle according to your CAT slot. While this is critical, the last day nerves cause many of us to have sleepless nights. But if you can, find ways that get you to sleep quickly once you hit the bed – reading a book, listening to soft music, praying, meditating – whatever works for you. Read a NCERT biology textbook if that works for you 🙂 You will have a better chance of getting good sleep the night before the exam if you know what gets you to sleep quickly.
  3. Play a game of TT or Tennis ball cricket or undertake some other form of light exercise. Again, whatever works for you and in a quantity/manner that doesn’t leave you drained or injured.
  4. Watch motivational movies; read a motivational book. There is nothing more important than keeping yourself positive in this final stage of your CAT preparation. That is what gives you the best shot at success – believing that you have a shot.
  5. Don’t try to learn any new concept. Revise a little each day to feel a sense of control and to refresh concepts you already know.
  6. Don’t focus on what you haven’t yet done, focus on what you have done over the past several months. If you try and make a list or put a certain number of hours to it, you would know that you are a Rockstar! Yes, you are, you just need to drill it into your head. You are that unstoppable success magnet that will pull all shards of success towards yourself on the final day.
  7. PS: Listen to the Hall of Fame song (by The Script), if it’s not already on your playlist!

About the author: Deekshant has sleep-walked through several 100 and 99.9 %iles in practically every section of the CAT. That he is a cricket fan and he writes okay is evident from most of his posts. 1000s of our students swear that he can motivate almost anyone to double his/her percentile through very simple yet powerful inputs. And that’s why every MBAGuru student has direct access to him via mail and Telegram. Oddly, he somehow also finds the time to write songs professionally. And yes … almost missed this … he is an alumnus of IIT Delhi & IIM Cal 🙂

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