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Dipanshu Kain

IIM - A, B, L, S, SIBM Pune, SCMHRD, New IIMs

The ADAPTIVE approach offered at MBAGuru helps identify your strengths and weaknesses. The mentors are highly passionate and supportive and provide personal attention to any doubts. Also, with the help of AIRCATs, it prepared me very well for the actual exam by understanding the latest trends. GD-PI Course plays an equally important role in framing answers and guiding me on how to present them in interviews.
Thank you, MBAGuru, for helping me achieve my dream!

Abhinav Lekhwar


MBAGuru has been a constant support throughout my preparation for B-School exams. The ADAPTIVE curriculum, the extensive study material and the supportive faculty that kept on motivating us, really pushed me to do better than I can. I was able to score a great percentile in XAT with 99%ile in DM section, and after that the interview preparation helped me to crack the interviews and convert some of the top B-School of our country.

Ritika Kalra

SP Jain, IIM - K, S, Rohtak, New IIMs, SIBM Pune, SCMHRD, NMIMS Mumbai, IMT

The best part about MBAGuru is ADAPTIVE learning. I was always scared that I never thought I could convert a top B school but they made it happen. MBAGuru has top quality study material and faculty pool, who go all the way to help students. They prepared me at every step of GD-PI too. Mock interviews were organised according to each interview call, which helped me immensely. I am forever grateful to this amazing institute who turned my dreams into reality.

Itika Jain

IIM - B, L, I, K, S, Rohtak, New IIMs, MDI, IIFT, SP Jain, IIFT

The CAT journey at MBAGuru has been amazing. They went over and beyond what they committed through ADVANCED BOOSTER classes and revision sessions in addition to the regular concept classes. The culture of carrying your ADAPTIVE CARD to the class everyday and marking whether homework has been done or not is second to none. Be it the administrative staff or the founder of the institute himself, everyone is really approachable and they listen to your concerns with utmost care and come up with solutions in no time. Overall, my experience has been great.

Manhar Singh

IIM - A, B, C, L, I, K, S, FMS, New IIMs, IIT Bombay

My journey with MBAGuru started in late August, just 3 months before the CAT exam and the challenge ahead was tough due to the time frame, but the SWOT and adaptive learning module paved the path by helping me to target my efforts in the right direction. The classroom experience with the faculty is something that will remain with me for a very long time, it taught me to not regret about less marks in mocks and to prepare without worrying about the result and just to focus on concept building and consistent practice. Guidance sessions with such experienced faculty members and passion to crack CAT finally paid off.

Bhanu Pratap

IIM - A, B, C, L, K, FMS

The most desirable aspects of MBAGuru are its small batch size, interactive class settings, adaptive card, and modules to monitor student progress. Although there are concept-building booklets and a good number of mock and sectional exams to get one ready for the actual exam, most importantly, multiple GDPI sessions gets one prepared for the interviews that ultimately lead to the dream B-School.

Sharanya Verma


MBAGuru has been a safe space for me, a place where I didn’t have to think twice before asking for help. With ample access to resources and quality study material, their ADAPTIVE prep approach is extremely student focused and makes for great use of time and energy. By devoting more time to our weaknesses and working on polishing our strengths, they have successfully set aside the one-size-fits-all mentality and made way for individual growth and development.  To them, their students are more than just roll numbers. The faculty really takes the time to know us, understand us and guide us in our journey and I look up to them as mentors to this day. In addition, the admin is determined to make students’ experiences well tailored to them, whether through one-on-one sessions with faculty, unlimited mock interviews or an increased focus on providing support to those who are struggling.  I have recommended this institute to those closest to me because I truly believe that MBA Guru is as invested in our successes as we are, if not more. They care, is all I have to say.

Jiya Lilani

IIM I, K, S, New IIMs

I joined MBAGuru last year in January. I had really great faculties- Rajat sir, Aashish sir and Tina ma’am. The course material provided was very extensive along with the ADAPTIVE learning module. Homework is being checked before every class which helped me stay consistent. The mocks and interview preparation was also very helpful and helped me crack IIM Indore!

Yuvraj Pahuja

IIM - A, MDI, New IIMs

Had a great experience throughout the journey of MBAGuru, the classes with adaptive sheets concepts were great. The subject-wise mentors were great and they were always up and available for resolving doubts. The end term revision classes were very helpful. Specially, revision classes of Quant section were the reason for my 99%ile in QA.
Kudos to Vaibhav sir for such insightful sessions. Also, once the interview calls started flowing in, they helped me throughout the journey. I fluffed badly at my first mock interview and got multiple feedbacks on what my weaknesses were. I gradually improvised, improved my answers and converted my best call. Also, kudos to Anand sir! He constantly reminded me about the important sessions and scheduled mock interviews for my GDPI prep.

Mehak Garg


“MBAGuru, a coaching institute which should be everyone’s go to, when it comes to CAT/MBA entrance preparation”, is one of the strongest statements I have ever made. The faculty, admin support, coordinators everyone here is best at what they do. We get as many number of one-on-one sessions as we want, whether it is about individual strategy development or it is just a morale boosting session when you feel like giving up(which is usual when you prepare for a competitive exam). And the worksheets that we have here cannot be exchanged for anything. In addition to this, I was lucky enough to have been accepted as a mentee by my teachers.

Ashwani Soni


I joined MBAGuru last year and all I can say is that it is one of the best, if not the best coaching for CAT and other MBA entrance tests. The teachers are very friendly and cooperative. They would explain it 100 times if you ask them to, especially Rajat Sir for LRDI. And it’s not limited till the exam; they also help in your prep for interviews with discussions and mock interviews and suggestions for SOP. So, all in all if you decide to join MBAGuru, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Mudit Agarwal


MBAGuru is made up of a group of professionals who are extremely motivated and focused on providing excellent student support. They helped me at every stage of my CAT preparation. Kudos to all mentors for putting up such great work in our preparation!

Swikriti Bhardwaj


Extremely supportive environment to study, learn and grow. Converted IIM Nagpur, IIM Ranchi and IIMBG in my first attempt while pursuing my graduation. The study materials and excellent faculty pool played a vital role in supporting me throughout the journey from preparation to mock exams to the actual CAT exam and then the whole interview process as well. Definitely worth it!!!

Ashutosh Kumar Chaurasia

IIM Rohtak, New IIMs, IIFT

Initially I thought how I’m going to make it, however MBAGuru made this path a cakewalk for me. My verbal ability improved a lot, DILR came on track and the best thing is that they don’t leave your hand till the last moment of GDPI preparation. Material and mock interviews were really helpful for me.

Apoorv Varshney


One of the best things about studying here was the excellent mentorship after getting a good CAT/GMAT score. During my application and mock interview processes, the mentors were a tremendous help to me. A unique feature of MBAGuru is that it allows students to take personal doubt classes whenever needed. Moreover, mentors are committed to delivering and answering doubts. And a small batch size definitely helps in this regard. As a result, my preparation went smoothly with my full-time job, and I would highly recommend MBAGuru to all CAT/GMAT aspirants.

Abhishek Gaur


The ADAPTIVE preparation at MBAGuru is more like a structured way to cover things. With this kind of preparation, I am able to manage my time, my skills, my talents, and my learning. I know where I have to focus more and where less attention is required, and keeping all the records of my performance intact. The RRR faculty team (Rishav, Rajat, Rohit) sir, helped me during my preparation in every possible way. I thank the MBAGuru team for their commitment to my B-School dream.

Kunal Gupta


Excellent Institute, thanks to their guidance I will be joining IMT Ghaziabad this year.

Saumye Gupta

NMIMS Mumbai

My journey with MBAGuru started in January with a skeptical mindset because it not being as popular amongst my college seniors. Every doubt that aspirant faces are regarding the quality of study material, the faculty and the interview preparation. For me, MBAGuru ticked all the checkboxes and supported me in every way possible. Whether it is the extensive study material that introduces you to a variety of question or the interview preparation that assisted my personality enhancement or the faculty that acted not just like mentors but friends. I’d like to specially mention Tina Ma’am, Rajat Sir and Aashish Sir who were my mentors in this journey. Tina ma’am was always ready for 24/7 assistance and groomed me for my interview. She was available even on the night before my interview to give moral support and handle the slightest of the doubts. Rajat Sir had a totally different approach to look at DILR section and showed us different perspectives to approach the questions. His support was not restricted to academics but also keeping track of the daily routine of students and helping them in taking their final decisions. Ashish Sir moved an extra mile to provide students with reference material from different sources. He paid individual attention to my progress and at the same time helped me to accept and deal with failures. Overall it was a wholesome experience and I’d like to specially mention the managerial staff of the branch. Anand Sir ensured that I had a proper study and doubt clearance schedule. He resolved all the administrative related queries at the earliest to provide the best experience to students. I’ll always be grateful to MBAGuru for the value addition it has done to my career.

Anubhav Mittal


MBAGuru was very helpful during my prep journey! The best part about it is the accommodating nature of the teaching as well as non teaching staff, I would like to especially mention Rajat sir for always being there as a personal mentor every step of the way, be it strategy, decision making….he was always there. I thank him and the institute for my selections in multiple B Schools

Vivek Bhardwaj

IIM - B, K, S, Rohtak, New IIMs

Faculties are very experienced. Classes were great and most importantly adaptive learning helped me very well to clear my basics. Teachers are very helpful and students can reach them easily. Rajat sir’s DILR strategies helped me a lot to improve marks in mocks.

Shivam Anand

IIM Rohtak, New IIMs, IMT

After a lot of research, finally I decided to join MBAGURU and till today not for a single moment I regret on the decision. Indeed it was exactly the same, what I had researched. The faculty were superbly talented and helpful and so was the supporting staff. And don’t even dare to miss Rajat sir there for DILR literally one of the best I have ever seen. For me he is not a faculty but a mentor.

Rajat Kumar

IIM - C, L, I, S, Rohtak, FMS, New IIMs

It was a great experience throughout my journey. All the facilities were helpful. Special thanks to Rajat sir and Rohit sir for always helping me.

Harsh V Iyer

IIM Rohtak, New IIMs, NMIMS Mumbai, IMT

I joined MBAGuru CP centre last year in the month of January and I won’t be lying if I say that the decision was pretty much worth it. The faculty here is very approachable and very open to talk to about any kind of problems or issues that you might face during the course of preparation. I’d especially like to mention the three teachers who taught me- Rajat sir(he especially acted as a very essential guide during my prep time), Tina ma’am and Aashish sir. MBAGuru has a concept of ADAPTIVE teaching which revolves around working on each student’s weakness and improving that. In my opinion, this way of teaching can’t go wrong and would be helpful to each and every student who joins the institute, at least to some extent. Overall it was a very enriching experience and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a coaching to upscale their CAT preparation.

Sourabh Samra


I attempted CAT and SNAP in last year but failed to score a good percentile and decided to join MBAGuru after visiting a lot of other coaching institutes. Firstly, the batch size at MBAGuru is neither very big nor very small which helped me to get good competition and at the same time get good attention from teachers. Secondly, the teachers, specially Rajat sir (DILR) who not only helped us in DILR but also guided and motivated us by regularly being in touch with us and moreover telling us all the tricks to solve questions quickly and creating an environment in the classroom which was same as if I was attempting my DILR section in CAT. Thirdly, their adaptive methodology over regular classroom helped me very much to get personalized attention on my weak areas. I have made it to the SCMHRD this year and waiting for IIFT results.

Aakriti Sood


My experience at MBAGURU was totally fruitful. After six months of coaching and the immense effort by all the teachers of MBAGURU, I managed to get admission in Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management. I would specially like to mention Rajat sir my faculty for DILR. Sir paid special attention and made sure the concepts were clear to each and every student. He made this CAT journey even better. Thank you to entire MBAGURU team.

Snehal Sharma


As a student who recently enrolled in MBAGuru’s Management Entrance Exam Coaching Classes as an MBA aspirant, I can state, with certainty, that the process of getting ready for my MBA has been rewarding and wonderful for me. I noticed a noticeable increase in my exam preparation and general understanding while I studied here for 7-8 months. The faculties at MBAGuru are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their subjects. And I would definitely like to mention the name of my mentor, who really helped me at every stage of my MBA journey and motivated me in every phase of my journey, his name is (Rajat Sir) and I can vouch that he is one of the brilliant DILR teachers in Delhi NCR. He was always available to guide and clarify my doubts, which has boosted my confidence levels. Furthermore, the institute’s study material is excellent and have been a huge help to me in learning the concepts and exam format.

Muskan Chandak


When you are clear on what you want and how to get it, you begin looking for various resources so that you can have everything you need and avoid making compromises. However, when you are fortunate enough to find everything you need at a single location that is when you begin to feel confident about achieving your objectives. This was how I discovered MBAGuru, my route to success. The strategy of Adaptive Preparation used here is something that can pave anyone’s way to the pinnacle of success with ease. Less batch size at MBAGuru as compared to many other institutions is exactly what a student needs and thrives for; especially while preparing for these intensely competitive exams like the CAT, XAT, and other MBA Entrance tests. One just feels like it’s an academic home for them because the faculties and coaching staff are so warm and helpful. I never thought picking this coaching was even a difficult decision for me because I was growing more and more satisfied with the system there, every day. Because of the helpful and supportive nature of everyone around, it was like one of my comfort places outside my hometown where I could fall, stumble but grow and succeed each and every time. The scheduling of Deekshant Sir’s sessions on motivation, practise exams, adaptive lessons, advanced prep classes, round-the-clock support, and answers to all of the general inquiries and problems were impeccable. Even after CAT, the institute provided guidance for other exams, continuous support and providing tips and advices for acing Personal Interviews, Group Discussions, Case Analysis and everything one needs. Not at a single point of time, I ever felt stuck while preparing for the exams because I always had someone to take me out of the dilemma, be it low on motivation, missed on certain topics, deciding on what material to solve and what to skip, repeating the concepts by sitting in the classes any number of times I want, I had the most amazing experience in the journey to the premium B-schools.

Mehak Rathi

IIM - A, K, I, S, MDI, New IIMs, NMIMS Mumbai

ADAPTIVE modules are helpful and faculty is proactive in clearing doubts. They helped during each step of the process. Really liked how it is well managed. Great experience overall.

Amanpreet Singh

SP Jain, IIM Rohtak, New IIMs, IMT

Learning has been a wonderful experience at MBAGuru. The faculty, the admin, the peers provide you with an excellent environment for studies and personal growth. Smaller batch size has also made it easier for me. Interactive GDPI sessions, mock interviews and form filling sessions is a huge plus point for studying at MBAGuru.

Anshita Nanda


I come from a humanities background and was initially extremely apprehensive about preparing for CAT, because quant is an integral factor in CAT. However, the teachers at MBAGuru were always there to provide both academic and moral support. Asking doubts is encouraged along with punctuality which is necessary not just now but for someone pursuing a career in management. I want to make a special mention of the ADAPTIVE nature of the classes, which I felt was a game changer for my CAT preparation. Additionally, the teachers stay with you even during the interview preparation phase and always push you to become a better version of yourself. I strongly advocate people to check the pedagogy of this institute and then join it for their CAT preparation. This is the first and one of the most crucial steps, and MBAGURU offers something to students from every stream.

Smriti Gupta


I enrolled in MBAGuru for various MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT and MICAT and because of the guidance provided by MBAGuru faculties, I was able to convert various prestigious B-schools like XLRI Jamshedpur, MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad, IIM Jammu, DSE, GIM, etc. MBAGuru’s ADAPTIVE learning classes helped me to learn different subjects at my own pace and the faculty’s personal guidance for interview preparation also helped me build confidence. I am grateful to MBAGuru for guiding me in this journey.

Rajat Yadav


MBAGuru is the best coaching for serious MBA aspirants. They have a unique teaching style which prepares you well. Their SWOT analysis helped me a lot during my preparation and if yours basics about any topic are weak, for that they have booster classes. Strength of regular class is not more than 40 students so the sessions are very interactive. And most importantly the faculty guides you personally.

Sehaj Bajaj


MBAGuru is the best coaching for serious MBA aspirants. They have a unique teaching style which prepares you well. Their SWOT analysis helped me a lot during my preparation and if yours basics about any topic are weak, for that they have Booster classes. Strength of regular class is not more than 40 students so the sessions are very interactive. And most importantly the faculty guides you personally. I was a regular classroom student of MBAGuru and with the guidance of faculty I was able to get multiple calls from IIM and Non-IIM Institutes.

Jay Garg

IIM - I, S, SP Jain, IIFT, MDI, New IIMs, SIBM Pune, NMIMS Mumbai

MBAGuru has been a pivotal part of my CAT preparation. The faculty members have been really approachable. Despite the online mode, there was no break in communication and all doubts were catered to lucidly. The ADAPTIVE method was very instrumental in getting to know where I stand and I was able to optimise my preparation. Lastly the Interview preparation was top notch with specialised interviews for all institutions. Overall it has been a great experience and I would totally recommend to future CAT aspirants.

Mehak Nagpal

IIM Rohtak, New IIMs, NMIMS Mumbai, IMT, IMI, GIM

MBAGuru is undoubtedly one of the best coaching centers for MBA preparation in India. The teaching style of faculty members, the ADAPTIVE Module, along with regular motivational mails from the Founder of the institute, Deekshant Sir is amazing, and worth all of it. The AIRCATS(Mocks)conducted by MBAGuru are brilliant in their own sense, and the efforts the mentors put in to prepare students for the GD-PI process are just matchless.

Malay Gupta


The best thing about MBAGuru is the faculties. They have the best faculties for all the subjects and even for the GD-PI preparation. The material including Home sheets and class sheets along with topic booklets helps student in building a strong foundation from the very basic level. The ADAPTIVE modules further help students in clearing doubts n number of times. The AIRCATS as well as other study material provided by the institute is just enough to crack every B-school examination. Overall a very smooth and good experience for me. I thank MBAGuru for their help in my CAT preparation journey.

Siddharth Baliyan

IIM - K, New IIMs, SP Jain, MDI, NMIMS Mumbai

MBAGuru has proven to be a pristine institute for my preparation for the CAT exam. The whole process has been very precise and streamlined and it has helped me maximise my potential and secure a 98.66 percentile in the exam. The institute uses SWOT analysis to look deeper into not just my strengths but also my weaknesses so as to curb them and aid my overall score. There were certain topics such as Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning that were particularly weak when I started my prep, but the excellent study material as well as teachers have helped me make it one of my rather strong points. There was ample emphasis given not only to the course material as a goal of completion of syllabus on time but also on the process of resolving doubts that the students have had during the regular classes. A lot of doubt sessions have helped solidify the concepts that were taught in class. Lastly, but most certainly not the least, MBAGuru has provided us with so many specially curated as well as crested mock tests that it undoubtedly gives the students studying here an upper edge as compared to someone who is enrolled in a general AITS or uses the internet as a resource. Overall, my experience has been extremely fulfilling with MBAGuru, and this testimony is proof enough that I would highly recommend students who are serious about their CAT prep. Give MBAGuru a shot, you won’t regret it, just take my word for it, and see the results.

Anisha Singhal

IIM - K, I, XLRI, SP Jain, IIFT, MIMS Mumbai, New IIMs

Highly satisfied with the CAT coaching at MBAGuru! Adequate study and practice material, regular homework/assignments, extra practice classes ensured that concepts are clear, and helped improve the speed. The mock test series and sectional tests are also great and MBAGuru undoubtedly has one of the best faculty! One could always schedule a doubt solving session with the faculty. The administration as well coordinated well. I appeared for other MBA entrances as well apart from CAT, and was able to secure well in all entrances and CAT as well, that too in my first attempt. Later, at the time of interview preparation, regular preparatory sessions were held and personal mock interviews were also scheduled. This helped a lot with overcoming the interview fear and boosting confidence as well as, helped improve the answers. My overall experience with MBAGuru has been really enriching and satisfactory.

Akshita Goyal


I had an amazing experience with MBAGuru. Their ADAPTIVE module classes, Booster classes and test series, helped me get into one of the top 10 B-schools. The faculty at the centre is amazing; they helped me in every step of the way, right from the beginning till the very end.

Kasturi Kalita


Being a student of MBAGuru, I feel relieved now that I chose this institute to shape my future and guide me to achieve the goals which I have in my life. The faculty here are very interactive. Each and every aspect of the student’s personality is analyzed (SWOT), checked and given a way for improvement. What I liked most about MBAGuru is the individual attention towards the students. Also, the study material is very helpful.

Areeba Tarique

IIM - C, L, I, K, New IIMs, FMS

MBAGuru has been a very important stepping stone in my CAT journey. My mentors were very supportive and always helped me make the right choices. From adaptive modules to interview preparation, one cannot go wrong with MBAGuru.

Shyam Agarwal

IIM - A, K, L, I, MDI, IIFT, New IIMs

A heartfelt credit to MBAGuru for converting my preparation into success. From experienced and high-class teaching professionals to adaptive study modules, it all helped me score handsomely in CAT and other competitive exams. And as a result, I received calls from IIM A, IIM K, IIM L, IIM I, MDI, IIFT, New IIMs and a few more.
To conclude, if you are starting your journey on MBA competitive exams, then it is a one-stop solution.

Sandeep Raj


Last year I joined MBAGuru for my CAT preparation. Firstly, they conducted a SWOT analysis test which helped me figure out my weaknesses and strengths and based on my need they provided me the ADAPTIVE module. I am very much satisfied with their faculty, including Rohit sir, who is the legend of Quant; Vaibhav sir, I have not seen any faculty who can match his level in DILR, I have no words to explain his way of explaining things and their management team. Whenever I had any query, I just had to call Anand sir and it was solved. They provide great support and have designed the curriculum well. We must submit our homework prior to every class as they keep an eye on it. I strongly refer to everyone who is willing to prepare for CAT seriously. As a result of their guidance, I have converted IMT Ghaziabad, IIM Amritsar, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Jammu, IIM Bodhgaya.

Pratham Ochani

IIM - K, S, New IIMs

I joined the coaching nearly 1.5 years before the exam, so I am the right person to talk to when it comes to the quality of education at MBAGuru. The first SWOT analysis was the start of the journey which made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses from day 1. I got dedicated classes from MBAGuru on my weaknesses and also the Booster session in the last stage of my preparation. All this helped me a lot to ace my performance and to get comfortable with the exam overall. All other services, beyond any questions, the entire faculty and non faculty members in the institute are very disciplined and punctual. I suggest everyone should at least try the institute for their own benefit.

Prawal Grover


MBAGuru has been the best decision that I’ve made for my CAT preparation as the kind of support I’ve got is just awesome. The faculty is very supportive and were always there whenever I needed them; be it for any general suggestions or GDPI preparation. The ADAPTIVE platform for CAT preparation is the most helpful; finding through SWOT, the strengths and weaknesses, so one can work accordingly and can improve in all areas. The AIRCATs mock structure and consistency also helped me to get the right experience, so I could manage well and on the D Day this consistency helped me a lot. I was a bit confused with the LRDI preparation and scared in the quant section, but with the constant help and mentorship, I was able to crack both these sections with 96+ percentile in each of them. Thank you to everyone at MBA Guru for constant support.

Sachin Subramaniam


The faculty are good and the individual attention you get over here is nice. Moreover a good institute to crack these MBA exams.
Their preparation strategies are really good and advance,like:
1. SWOT – they took one basic test in the beginning to analyse each student’s capability when it comes to the 3 main subjects of the exam. And allotted extra classes to cover those short comings.
2. ADAPTIVE classes: which prepares you according to your strengths and weaknesses.
3.Booster classes: it really helped me with my last moment preparation.
With all these advance and unique methodology it becomes easy to self analyse and crack those highly competitive exams.

Mehak Kaul


I had a great learning experience at MBAGuru. The faculties here are extremely supportive and knowledgeable and readily available to clear all the doubts whether it’s in regard of syllabus or GDPI preparation. The batches were divided between the regular classes and adaptive classes based on the SWOT analysis of the student. For extra preparation, Booster classes were also held.

Jatin Kohar

IIM-A, L, S, New IIMs, SP Jain, XLRI

MBAGuru, with its dedicated faculty & support team, helped me at each stage of my CAT preparation. The unique use of the ADAPTIVE scorecard, class sheets and home sheets alongside the AIRCATs ensured that I was well versed with each topic during the exam. I thank the MBAGuru team for their commitment towards my CAT preparation.

Anjali Gupta

IIM - L, K, I, S, V, New IIMs, XIMB, NMIMS

With top quality study material & excellent faculty members who go out of their way to help students, MBAGuru is the best institute for anyone who feels the need for ADAPTIVE preparation. It prepares you for every step by providing mentorship for the GD-PI process too. Studying at MBAGuru was a very enriching experience & one of the best decisions I ever made.

Siya Aggarwal

MDI, IIM I, S, V, Bodh Gaya, New IIMs, XIMB, IMI, IMT, FORE

The best thing about MBAGuru is its adaptive card system wherein you put performance scores for every topic. This helps you keep a track of the areas that you need to work on and the ones that are your strengths. Cracking CAT is all about building a strategy, focusing on your strong points and managing your time well. This is exactly what MBAGuru’s system helps you achieve. CAT is not at all about how much you know but how well you know what you know. MBAGuru, with its excellent methodology, made me know and learn all of this.

Manvi Jain

IIM - B, L, I, K, V, New IIMs, MDI

MBAGuru is a place where every single student will get individual attention & guidance to perform better. The best thing is the access to all the talented faculty members through personal sessions. It has been an excellent experience here. We got multiple Mock tests & multiple mock interviews and MBAGuru has made my dream come true.

Nancy Dua

IIM-I, K, L, SP Jain, XLRI

I joined MBA Guru in August 2nd week for taking CAT in November, still, the support I received from MBA Guru was complete. It was not a crash course. The WAT PI preparation was also thorough and helped me a lot. Would definitely recommend MBA Guru for CAT preparation.

Akshat Jain

New IIMs, NMIMS, XLRI, MDI, IIT Kharagpur

MBAGuru has the best pool of teachers who are well experienced & extremely supportive. The study material provided is more than enough. MBAGuru was able to adapt itself quickly to online mode during the pandemic, providing the same quality & support as it provided offline. Thanks for holding the hands of your students at every step of their preparation.

Riddhi Tiwari

IIM - C, L, I, K, S, FMS, IIT Delhi

MBAGuru has definitely been a wonderful experience for me. The faculty that makes even the most difficult question look so easy, the tricks are fun to learn, the regular mocks helped me in assessing myself, & the cherry on the top was the one-to-one sessions. I’d definitely recommend CAT aspirants to join MBAGuru confidently.

Parul Gupta

IIM A, L, K, I, S, New IIMs, SP Jain, MICA, XLRI

MBAGuru was the best decision I made during my preparation. A few things which helped me succeed were the flexibility, adaptive preparation methodology, personal doubt sessions, dedicated and experienced mentors, personalized schedules, and a small batch size. They are always receptive to any feedback and needs you might have and make your goal their own, doing everything to help you achieve your dream B-school.

Abhimanyu Yadav

IIM-C, L, K, S, New IIMs

I am grateful to MBAGuru for the great support even in the lockdown period. The main focus of ADAPTIVE preparation is to improve the students by working upon their weak areas. ADAPTIVE module & regular homework, along with mock CATs, paved the way for so many IIM calls for me. The faculty is ever-ready to go the extra mile.

Ashutosh Gupta

IIM - B, K, S, New IIMs, SP Jain, NMIMS Mumbai, IMT, IMI

Having the right preparation partner goes a long way in the decisive battle of CAT. I was fortunate to have MBAGuru alongside me. One can expect a holistic preparation for competitive exams like CAT at MBAGuru. The faculty & the ADAPTIVE teaching methods were of immense help & support. All in all, I believe that I made a right choice.

Tarun Jain

IIM - S, New IIMs, MDI, XLRI, SP Jain, NMIMS Mumbai, IIT Bombay

MBAGuru mentor students for MBA using ADAPTIVE methodology. This helped me focus on my weak areas while highlighting my strong areas and boosting confidence. The faculty and management adapted really well to the live online classes providing a flawless class-like experience. Kudos to all mentors for putting up such great work in our preparation!

Abhinay Shrivastav

IIM L, S, New IIMs, SIBM, SCMHRD, SP Jain, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi

I joined MBAGuru for GE-PI-WAT for my CAT 2020 attempt; the faculties who take the mock interviews are really helpful. Their guidance helped me a lot in improving my personality and more so in fetching some great calls from Top B-schools .Most importantly MBAGuru’s way of teaching in the classrooms is excellent. Its adaptive methodology is one of its kinds.

Apart from this, the process for booking slots for mock PI and getting information about the classes is very smooth and efficient.

I recommend everyone to join MBAGuru for his/her CAT preparation and Interview process.


Kartik Kansal

IIM B, K, S, Vizag, Rohtak, Amritsar, New IIMs, NMIMS, SIBM, SIIB, XIMB, FORE, LBSIM, GIM, BIMTECH

During my journey from scoring 59 percentile to a top scorer in CAT, MBAGuru has been there with me all the time. I heartily thank them for this support. I would say that the mocks that MBAGuru provided were the best in the industry. Moreover, the admin staff members are very active in helping students; from arranging personal doubt sessions to conducting mocks and Personal Interview sessions, they do it the best. The faculty here brings the best out of your potential. I feel the environment you get here is one of a kind and my words will never be enough to show my gratitude towards MBAGuru.

Chinmay Jain

IIM K, S , New IIMs, Rohtak, Amritsar, Nagpur, MDI, IMT, IMI,XIMB

MBAGuru is not just a coaching center but more like a friend to me. MBAGuru provided me personal guidance that I was really looking for. The adaptive module methodology and the regular homework checking process followed by the institute are actually required for any student to succeed. They transformed an ordinary student like me to a 97.67%ile getter in CAT. If you are really serious and you want to crack CAT, join MBAGuru without a doubt. It is the right choice. Thank you MBAGuru!!!

Nimesh Jain


I had never heard of MBAGuru, so I (just) decided to give it a shot. I later realized it was one of my best decisions. Their initial SWOT analysis program helped me to work on my strengths and weaknesses from the start and this helped me immensely.

I was given ADAPTIVE Module classes wherein I got to freshen up my basic concepts as well as advance to a higher level. The mentors knew how to create or maintain a balance between seriousness and humor in class. What I really liked about the faculty here was its commitment level. The mentors are always available for the students to clear the students’ academic or personal doubts. I’ve never faced a situation where a faculty member refused me or said that she/he was not available. They have always been there for support. I want to make a special mention to the non-teaching staff members as well. They were always very considerate about all our needs: be it the arrangement of back up classes, delivery of material or arranging personal doubt sessions, all of it was always taken care of. The admin took constant feedback from students to make sure that we were satisfied and got the best as promised by the institution. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Moreover, homework sheets were checked on a regular basis and doubt sessions were organized after each unit was completed.

At MBAGuru, the batch size is very small so that you could get personalized doubts easily and each student gets good amount of attention from mentors as well. So overall, this was a very good experience for me and my taking a shot worked very well.

Mansi Meshram

SIBM , SIIB , SCMHRD , SIBM Bangalore , SIBM Nagpur , KJ Somaiya ,NMIMS Hyderabad , IBS

MBAGuru is undoubtedly one of the best coaching centers for MBA preparation in Delhi. Its adaptive methodology helps individuals to focus on their weak areas as well as make strong areas stronger. The mentors put consistent efforts in helping each student to perform as per her/his best ability. Non-teaching staff is also quite helpful in arranging doubt sessions. MBAGuru has given me the opportunity to explore my strengths. It has made my B-School journey a lot easier.

Raj Kishor Singh

IIM S, Rohtak, New IIMs, NMIMS Mumbai, XLRI, MDI

Needless to say that MBAGuru is one of the most prestigious MBA coaching centers in India, but what makes it special is its adaptive pedagogy where no matter at what stage of preparation you are in, it makes sure you start improving your scores gradually and eventually acing that subject. I am a working professional and it was hard for me to keep track of my preparation but the administration of the institute made sure I was on track. Every time, I derailed, they were ready to offer both direction and motivation, which helped me immensely and from scoring 70 to 90percentile in mocks I went on to score 96.98 Percentile in CAT; 96.41 percentile in XAT; 97.1 percentile in IIFT. Thanks to MBAGuru, I have interviews calls from top b-schools such as XLRI, MDI, NMIMS & CAP. I thank MBAGuru for keeping me on track with my preparation and helping me score a good percentile in all the b-school entrance exams.

Govind Goyal


I believe that nothing could have been better than starting my journey of B-School Entrance Examination preparation under the able guidance of experts at MBAGuru. The kind of faculty you get here for all the three sections, along with regular motivational mails from the Founder of the institute, Deekshant Sir is amazing, and worth all of it. When MBAGuru claims that it is an Adaptive Learning based Institute, it is actually true. I couldn’t have asked for better guidance (and test series) for my entire journey during this lockdown driven 2020.

Sahil Khan

IIM L, Amritsar, New IIMs, NMIMS Mumbai, SP Jain, IIFT

MBAGuru focuses on individual’s strength and weakness rather than giving a common plan for everyone’s preparation needs. Now this adaptive approach allowed me to keep a reality check of my performance. The guidance and consistent personal support of faculty need a special mention. Overall, I would recommend everyone to choose MBAGuru for her/his MBA preparations.

Dhruv Khandelwal


MBAGuru has the best faculty members who are well experienced and very supportive. The study material they provide is more than enough for any MBA entrance exam preparation. Even during the lockdown, online classes were conducted perfectly and when it comes to checking our homework and progress, the management and faculty both are very disciplined about the process

The training provided at MBA GURU helped me a lot to achieve my goals.

Arishma Jain

KJ Somaiya, NMIMS Hyderabad

MBAGuru has played a very important role in guiding me throughout, understanding my needs and executing my plans during my MBA preparation. The staff is extremely friendly and available anytime for help. Faculty members do not just guide for academics but even for other skills you need in career/life. I really loved GDPI process followed here- it’s realistic and very well framed. Overall, MBA Guru provides great environment and resources for your MBA exam preparation.

Hardik Kapoor


MBAGuru has been a great support for me during the preparation time. It focuses not only on the curriculum but also on the overall development of the student. This helps in making the student better oriented to become a future leader/MBA. They strongly follow the principle of learning from mistakes and correcting them eventually. It has the best faculty who is not only well experienced but also friendly mentors who offer valuable guidance.

Syed Zain Haider Zaidi

XIMB, KJ Somaiya

What I learned from my preparation experience at MBAGuru is that clearing your basics and then practicing them are the most important things when preparing for MBA entrance exams. Not to mention, MBAGuru helped me in both the aspects. The detailed classes, along with the exhaustive study material, are a boon. Also, one thing that stood out was their support during the interview phase. An instructor was always available to clear your doubts and plenty of mock interviews made it very simple to prepare for the interviews. Overall, it was a one-stop solution for all my MBA preparation needs.

Dhruv Girotra

New IIMs, NMIMS Mumbai, SIBM Pune, IMT DCP, GLIM, IIT Kharagpur, Roorkee

When I was starting my CAT Exam preparation, I was really confused about the institute that I should enroll myself in. After consulting some seniors, I decided to go for MBAGuru.

From the initial days itself, I felt confident about my decision.

The faculty here is so wonderful in terms of its teaching methods. Also, the teacher-student interactions are so enlightening. The AIRCATS(Mocks)conducted by MBAGuru are brilliant in their own essence, and the efforts the mentors put in to prepare students for the GD-PI process are just matchless.

Hritik Khanna

IIM Nagpur, New IIMs, IIFT, NMIMS, XIMB, IMI, IMT, TAPMI, GIM, KJ Somaiya, IIT-Jodhpur, Dhanbad

My experience with MBAGuru has been really good. When lockdown began, I was really worried but the shift to online classes was super smooth .It was handled very well and I felt equally comfortable with the alternative mode .Also the practice material and mocks were regularly provided which helped me a lot in my preparation. Finally, I got calls from NMIMS Mumbai, CAP IIM, IIFT and many more.

Tarun Pangaria

IIM Rohtak, New IIMs, IMT Ghaziabad

Joining MBAGuru was a great experience. Great faculty  and a small batch size made a perfect environment for preparation. It is the best institute in Adaptive learning for MBA aspirants. I got to learn a lot from MBAGuru. Everyone here, be it teachers or staff members, motivates you to a greater level. The study material provided here and AIRCATS conducted are more than sufficient for preparation of management exams. I highly recommended MBA Guru to everyone who is eager to learn and prepare for MBA exams

Saim Chawla


One thing is for sure, MBA Guru provides you with the best faculty. The teachers here are very supportive. Not only do they help you with your CAT preparation but they also help their students to be a better person in life. You’ll learn a lot more here than just preparing for competitive exams. For preparation MBAGuru provides books, practice sheets, mock tests, sectional tests, vocabulary tests, group discussions etc. All of it is in abundance and I was never short of material needed for preparation. The admin staff also schedules mock PI’s for preparing their students for the final and the most important stage.

One can choose to join MBAGuru without any second thoughts.

Rahul Gupta


I believe MBAGuru is the perfect coaching institute for overall CAT preparation. With such an experienced team of teachers and the adaptive methodology followed here, it is bound to be the best. The unique thing about MBAGuru is also its small batch size which helps in getting personal attention. Even in the pandemic, MBAGuru had adapted really well to prepare their students for exam. Not only CAT exam preparation, the GDPI process at MBAGuru was also a really good experience. I have got 98.01% in CAT and got calls from all New and baby IIMS, IITs, SIBM, IMI, IMT and XIMB. I am immensely thankful for all the guidance and support.

Mansi Khaira


MBAGuru is a great place to prepare for CAT as it not only focuses on the curriculum but also the post CAT Stages. This is what attracted me to prepare for my CAT exam with them. They were with me throughout my preparation journey. Its learned faculty and amazing pedagogy have boosted my preparation for CAT even during a pandemic where we all were locked in our places and classes continued to take place virtually and effectively.

I owe all my success to my mentors.

Ishaan Kharbanda


I had enrolled myself into MBAGuru’s adaptive module classes where I got to learn basic concepts and moved on to the advanced level questions also quite smoothly. It maintained proper balance between work and other fun activities so as to keep students engrossed in study.

Overall, it was a great experience studying with MBAGuru, it is the most cooperative and well managed institute.

Kartik Gupta


MBAGuru definitely has one of the best faculty members who really help you at each and every step of your MBA journey. All the teachers are really supportive and ready to help even outside the classroom. The amount of motivation and clarity which I got after talking to my teachers made my journey towards a prestigious B-School a lot easier than I originally thought.

The administration members of MBAGuru are also very hardworking and helpful. They were ready to help even late at night and helped in planning all kinds of sessions with ease.

Thanks to team MBAGURU, I was able to get calls from CAP, NMIMS, IIFT, MDI and many others.

I will definitely advise every CAT aspirant to consider MBAGuru for MBA exam preparation.


New IIMs, IIT Dhanbad, Roorkee

Due to rigorous exam preparation at MBAGuru, I got calls from new IIMs and IITs in my first attempt itself. Faculties and management were all superb here. Overall, I had a very good experience with MBGuru. And I’ll definitely suggest everyone out there to join MBA Guru for satisfactory learning experience.

Pooja Jain

NMIMS Mumbai, SIBM Banglore, Hyderabad

The teachers at MBAGuru are available whenever required. They are really helpful. The batch sizes are small which makes it easy for the students to be more participative in class. The worksheets and regular tests helped me in preparing better. All the preparation guidance was very well executed.

Aman Raj


Choosing MBAGuru was one of the best decisions  for my CAT preparation. The ADAPTIVE course is one of the best as it focuses on an individual’s improvement in the weaker sections. The faculty members here are experts in their fields. The kind of mentoring they provide is amazing. They take you from basics to advanced level not only in academics but also give you career counseling, motivation and are connected to you like a friend throughout the journey. For interviews, they provide proper one-on-one attention and the mocks are very close to the actual interview. This helped me in converting my calls.

Saumya Pandey

IIM K, V, New IIMs

Being at MBAGuru was a very nice experience. I met some very experienced and knowledgeable mentors who guided me throughout the journey. I was able to connect with them even after class when some suggestions were needed for preparation .Especially during the interview process, great guidance was offered by each member of the team.

Kshitij Sapra


A very enthusiastic and caring faculty is available 24X7 at MBAGuru. Help is always available at MBAGuru and, thus, no doubts remain unsolved. It has been a truly wonderful experience preparing for CAT with MBAGuru

Shivanshu Sharma

NMIMS Mumbai

I believe that MBAGuru not only helped me clear my concepts about various topics, it provided me a very crucial aspect of preparation, that is practice. With the all India mock tests, MBAGuru made sure that whatever I learnt in the class was being applied and practiced by me. I did not have very high marks in my 10th and 12th due to which I was apprehensive about getting calls from B-Schools, but the teachers at MBAGuru made sure that I compensated it by scoring decently in the entrance exams. MBAGuru gave me the personal mentoring that was required for GD PI which helped me a lot during various selection processes.

Snigdha Gautam

NMIMS Hyderabad/Indore, GIM, IMT

When I began looking for preparation classes for CAT, I was skeptical about joining coaching. Sure I had to shell out a large sum of money and, therefore, I wanted assurance. So I came across MBAGuru during that time and it won me over. Its adaptive class schedule was logical and made sense to me. It provided all basic conceptual knowledge needed to move to the next level. When classes shifted to online learning, things were same. MBAGuru stuck to its motto of adaptability. And I’m happy to report that I did make through a few B-schools because of MBAGuru’s unending support. I’d highly recommend this institute which is a gem in disguise!

Atul Singh

XLRI, SP Jain, New IIMs

MBAGuru has an atmosphere of learning that is its USP. You will feel cared for, it gives you sense of comfort that is very rare.  From my experience during interview preparation, I can say that people at this institution (especially Anand sir), were more concerned about my selection than I was. He kept on arranging mocks interviews for me till the time I felt confident about the actual one. Teaching pedagogy is top notch. I will always be indebted to Sandeep Sir, my quant mentor, for his guidance and support.

Srashti Milan Srivastava

IIM SAP (Bodh Gaya + Jammu), IIFT

Wonderful faculty ,good curriculum ,great guidance, these three things marked my journey with MBAGuru. Proper guidance of mentors helped me get a call from some top institutes like IIFT and Baby IIMs. Besides all this, motivating words of Deekshant Sir helped me throughout the preparation journey. I had a great learning experience at MBAGuru and would recommend aspirants to join it for preparation of MBA entrance exams.

Sachin Agarwal

IIM-Rohtak, New IIMs, IMI, IMT, MDI

Joining MBAGuru would be undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Apart from the academic front, the faculty and staff made me feel more at home. Coming from a weak background at Math, I found the adaptive nature of studies was quite flexible and helpful which made me more confident in the said subject. Overall, it was a complete package an MBA aspirant would need. I am sure I wouldn’t have made it to the top B-schools  without MBAGuru.

Lovneesh Vij


Preparing for CAT was a great experience at MBAGuru. The faculty members at the institute are really helpful and have thorough knowledge of their subjects. I am glad I joined MBAGuru.

Ravjot Singh Bindra

NMIMS- Mumbai, IMT- Hyderabad

Think ADAPTIVE Think MBAGuru, that’s the motto I ran into. MBAGuru truly lived up to that. The faculty and support staff at MBAGuru are top notch who are willing to help even at odd hours. The ADAPTIVE Card is a great way to reflect upon where we need to improve. The mock seemed difficult in the beginning but once you get a hang of it, you ace it! I’ll always cherish my time at MBAGuru and still don’t know how to thank them.

Daksh Kumar

IIM Rohtak, New IIMs, IMT

This is one of the best coaching institutes if you are looking for CAT coaching, be it online or offline. Teachers are really good and are very helpful. You can even take backup classes if you missed some classes due to unavoidable reasons. So, if you are preparing for CAT, MBAGuru is the best choice.

Ishwank Jain


Cooperative staff, Very good teachers, overall enthralling experience

Nishi Pant


My journey at MBAGuru started with the SWOT analysis which helped me identify the weaker areas. Eventually, their Adaptive Methodology allowed me to work upon these weak areas. They have great teachers who are there to help you round the clock. Also, they don’t stop being with you when the CAT is over, they go beyond it. I always had this strange fear of interviews but the numerous sessions, mock interviews and one-on-one guidance during interview preparation made my journey really smooth and fun. The small batch size, in-depth AIRCAT analysis, one-on-one doubt sessions are few among the numerous advantages at MBAGuru. Last but not the least; the non-teaching staff was extremely supportive and considerate about the needs of students.

Pranjal Gupta


MBAGuru helped me realise my true potential. During the lockdown, the online classes were on par with the offline ones. MBAGuru is truly ADAPTIVE. The team worked tirelessly day & night for more than a year to help us crack CAT & prepare us for the WAT/PI. AIRCATs were very close to the actual CAT.

Gourav Singhal

IIM-K, S, New IIMs

MBAGuru guides you in a way probably no other institute ever can. The individual attention provided here further enhances all efforts put in by the team. Teachers here are very well experienced in their subjects as well as in dealing with our problems related to our profile. My ADAPTIVE classroom program was a breeze.

Anant Kedia


Every day at MBAGuru helped me unlock my hidden talent & allowed me to learn something new. The optimal batch size ensured personal attention. The ADAPTIVE curriculum allowed me to find kinks in my armour & improve. My journey to one of the top B-schools in India would not have been possible without MBAGuru.

Prachi Verma

GLIM, KJ Somaiya, Tapmi, MDI Murshidabad, SIBM Hyderabad

MBAGuru is undoubtedly one of the best institutes for CAT prep. When I first came to MBAGuru, I was not aware of its existence. I had only heard about other coaching centers. At the time of joining, I was very doubtful. Still I joined MBAGuru because I liked its concept of Adaptive preparation. Initially, I was poor in QA and DI. Here, I progressed a lot. Now I can proudly say my decision about joining MBAGuru was right. All faculty and staff members are very cooperative. Even in 2020 pandemic situation, online live classes went on without any glitches and made learning equally effective.

Ravi Ramsisaria


Being new to MBA entrance exams, having little knowledge about the course, colleges and other important aspects of MBA, it was confusing for me to even join a coaching center for my preparations. But from the day I got into MBAGuru and the day I started going to my classes I was like yes it is the right place. MBAGuru is the best place to prepare for your entrances. They have well organised program which helps students to learn quickly and easily. The whole team at MBAGuru is devoted to students’success. Sandeep Sir, Ananya Ma’am , Anand Sir, Joginder Sir, and the list goes on and on. They all helped a lot. Even in tough times, under COVID 19 Pandemic restrictions, they were quick to adapt and didn’t waste any time, shifted their program online.

Komal Gupta

(SP Jain/ IMT Ghaziabad/ GIM/ KJ Somaya/ TAPMI)

I had those ADAPTIVE Module classes wherein I got to freshen up my basic concepts as well and then go on to the advanced level. They knew how to create or maintain a balance between seriousness and humor in class. Special mention to the non-teaching staff as well, they were always very considerate about all our needs: when we needed the sheets, or to arrange backups, or to arrange classes and inform everything. So yeah, this was a very good experience for me overall!For me, MBAGuru is the most … chilled out institute. It had a huge say in whatever my journey was.

Shubham Jain

(IIM L / S / NMIMS / New IIMs / MDI)

The advice I want to give to the future CAT aspirants is to build from the basics first. Make your basics right first, then build upon that to go to the advanced questions, and also to give a lot of mocks (AIRCATs) like at least 10-15 mocks in an exam-like condition is a must! Keeping these in mind,MBAGuru is a STUDENT-DRIVEN coaching center.It is ADAPTIVE. It gives a lot of flexibility to students to choose theircenters.Take classes in different centers and,take one-on-one sessions with different faculty members.

Mayank Gupta

(IIM L/ IIM K/ MDI Gurgaon/ SP Jain/ IIFT Delhi/ IIM S/ New IIMs)

I did not score much in my Under-grad(uation). I was kind of scared because that, you know, might come to haunt me because, in good B-Schools you have a pretty good percentage (for) under-grad marks, so I was scared that I might not get a good B-School. But MBAGuru is … you know … (we will call it) a rising star, I think because as I said that not many people (would) have heard of it but once you come here you realize that the atmosphere here is pretty great. So, yes, it is amazing … MBAGuru

Akansha Mehta

(IIM A / S / XLRI)

I believe MBAGuru’s really nice and really helps us prepare overall for CAT and also during the Interview process.I’m always in touch with the administration, I’m always in touch with Abhilasha ma’am.And she really takes care of each and every student and their personal needs.

Ayush Saini

(IIM C/ IIM K/ NITIE/ IIT Delhi/ New IIMs)

MBAGuru can garnish you, garnish you well. They have very good resources. I think MBAGuru should be chosen for 2-3 things: One is their ADAPTIVE Learning. Second is their small batch-size. And third is their GDPI course. It is the BEST!

Vikas Almal

(IIM L/ IIM K/ IIM S/ XLRI/ MDI Gurgaon/ IIT Bombay/ IIT Delhi/ New IIMs)

MBAGuru, I think, it provided me a great platform actually to help me identify that these are the areas that I need to work on. ADAPTIVE Methodology over here … that is really great. I did figure out some of the areas I needed to progress on. MBAGuru really helped me in completing the preparation … and the AIRCATs (mock CATs) that I took over here, they were very up to the level and I was better able to gauge that yes I am progressing well during my preparation. Overall, awesome!

Mohd Kashif

IIM A, L, I, K

In a city like Delhi you have ’n’ number of options. You have 4 to 5 coaching centers in every place in Delhi. I placed a bet on MBAGuru and did it come off!! Basically there were 2 things:
First thing was right set of faculty and the second thing is that the faculty and administration
here is very accommodating. I mean there are all the alumni of Top B-Schools here,
so I mean, they know what to ask, I mean how to manage the student. That’s a really good thing.

Sahib Kaur

(SP Jain)

I mean, MBAGuru to me, it’s like family, it’s like a home. I’ve been here for like 2 years. I’ve hosted their annual inspirational event (INSPIRA) twice. Everyone has their self-doubt session that they go through. So I was texting Deekshant sir that ok I don’t think I can do it. I’m not able to do it – what do I do? So, he motivated me a lot. He told me that it’ll all be okay It’ll all be fine. I’ve a good profile. I can manage things. And eventually I did. So yeah, it’s been a very good experience. MBAGuru rocks! So does ADAPTIVE Prep.

Prateek Singh

(IIM A / C / K / L / S / XLRI / SP Jain / IIFT / IMI)

ADAPTIVE enables us to work on our weaknesses. Also, the faculties are same at all the centerswhich helps us in clearing the doubts anywhere.Home work ensured I worked hard, work for 6-7 hours a day. Focus.

Umang Mittal

(IIM K / S / New IIMs/ SP JAIN)

The best thing that I liked about MBAGuru is that it focuses on an ADAPTIVE model of preparation which helps on to focus on the strengths. The best advice that I could give to future CAT aspirants would be to focus on organizing their material, and focusing on what are their strengths, rather than focusing on gathering more and more material. That’s how ADAPTIVE really helped.

Gopal Singhania

(IIFT / New IIMs)

You can interact with multiple faculties, it’s not like only one faculty. It’s the entire team, and all are experts in their fields. They teach you in a very good manner and they also teach according to your needs, in ADAPTIVE way.

Apoorv Singhal

(SP Jain, New IIMs)

What I really like about the faculty here is their commitment level which they show. They are always available to the students to clear their doubts. I’ve never faced a situation where a faculty has refused me that they are not available. They have always been there for support.

Apoorv Aggarwal

(IIM Indore, New IIMs)

Should not get intimidated by their current mock scores, because what matters is those 3 hours that you’re going to spend in that room on the D-Day!The one word that I would use to describe MBAGuruwould be FLEXIBLE!They not only give you the chance to choose your teachers,but they also give you the kind of books that you want to study.It all depends on you,the approach you want to followtowards the CAT! Completely ADAPTIVE preparation for you to make use of.

Shivek Baghel

(IIM I / K / New IIMS / IMT / IMI)

Don’t start your preparations, under peer-pressure, or like your friends are going (for it). Just take a breath, sit down for a second, think about yourself and begin your preparations. But once you start, don’t hold back anything! Just give it a try. Listen to your mentors and work your heart to the fullest! That’s what I did at MBAGuru and it really worked for me.

Nakul Dash

(NMIMS / SP Jain / New IIMs / IIM K / S)

Right from the ADAPTIVE preparation to the small batch-size, to the experienced faculty! These all contribute to the different nature that MBAGuru wields.

Kanav Kaushal

(New IIMs / IMT / IMI / TAPMI)

They have a 3-hour long ADAPTIVE classesand that really helps you prepare for the actual CAT which is also a 3-hours process as the habit helps you to focus for 3 continuous hours.

Kapil Bhakoo

(IMT Ghaziabad)

At MBAGuru, they ensure individual attention to each and every student, and they help you at every step.They help you with every problem that you might face. You can approach them very easily.And their batch sizes are very small so that you could ask any doubts easily. That’s ADAPTIVE.

Himanshu Bansal

(NMIMS, Mumbai)

My advice to future CAT aspirants would be that, no matter what, first know about your strengths and weaknesses, maybe give a SWOT analysis or give a mock Interview.It is very important to know about your strengths and weaknesses, and then work upon it. You need to take advantage of your strengths, in the CAT!What sets MBAGuru apart from the others is that it knows that every individual is different from others. So, it works on each and every individual differently. Not only that, the teachers here at MBAGuru are so helpful to you: You can ask them questions on WhatsApp,or have a separate discussion about your doubts and they’ll always be there to help you, no matter what!

Hassan Ahmad

(IIM S / New IIMs / MDI / IMI / IMT)

The more mocks (AIRCATs) you give, the more detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses you get. Analyzing your mocks (AIRCATs) very rigorously, and actually devoting more time in analyzing your mocks (AIRCATs) than actually taking them! SWOT at every level – in that sense, MBAGuru is very thorough.

Kavya Vaid

(IIM Shillong, IMI)

I only had around 20 students in my batch and that was I think the only reason I was able to get a good amount of attention from my mentors. The mock test (AIRCAT) series MBAGuru provided was really helpful and they were sufficient/enough for me to prepare for the CAT! Truly powerful ADAPTIVE method.

Shubham Sangwan


The batch size helps make it easier to interact with the teachers. They help students to rectify step-by-step and make the weaknesses their strength!With ADAPTIVE, instead of studying for 8 hours a day, continuously, you don’t have to waste that much of time, if you can do that work in 3 to 4 hours. Be in contact with your teachers and attempt as many mocks (AIRCATs) as you can because that is the one thing that is going to really help you in your preparation for CAT/exams.

Prashant Singh


Something that majorly propelled me towards MBAGuru was the batch size they had! During those ADAPTIVE classes, I realized how fortunate I was to have a batch that was just 18-20 students so the interaction was way too smooth. Overall, fantastic!

Udit Airen

(New IIMs / IMT / IMI Delhi / TAPMI)

I had never heard about MBAGuru, so I (just) decided to give it a shot.Their SWOT analysis program helped me to work on my strengths and weaknesses and this thing struck me hard. The program was really ADAPTIVE,and now, here I am.

Manvi Gupta

(IIMK, L, I, S, New IIMs)

First believe in yourself and then go about preparing for the actual CAT exam. That’s what the entire process at MBAGuru is about.

Rahul Goel

(New IIMs)

When I was looking for coaching centers, I consulted a few of my seniors. They had excelled in CAT. So the word of advice I got from them is “Don’t go anywhere, head straight to MBAGuru!” The best thing about MBAGuru is that they have common faculty for the entire program. It brings about a comfort level so that you can ask your doubt easily. Along with that if you miss some classes they provide backup for that (as and when required). And if you have some doubts or want personal interaction sessions with the faculty, the faculty is very helpful.

Piyush Kapri

(IIM Shillong, SP Jain)

I had conversations with my faculty over WhatsApp, over call. I was in the weekend batch so if I had any doubts or if I wanted to know how to prepare even between the week, there wasn’t any pressure, that you cannot contact the faculties, they were really available to me.

Trisha Kumar

(IIM Indore)

They have different levels of homework, so that you can check that at what level are you lagging behind. Then of course there are doubts sessions and there are other opportunities. They give you communication and some interview prep sessions from the starting itself. So the faculty at MBAGuru is really helpful. They do understand that people come from different backgrounds, they are at different levels. They are very helpful in terms of increasing your confidence, and keeping it, especially when the exam is pretty near.Then, the whole process is very nice.So that no students lag behind.

Siddharth Pandey

(NMIMS Mumbai/ MDI Gurgaon/ SIBM Pune/ SCMHRD/ New IIMs)

At the time of joining coaching I had no clue MBAGuru existed. The first interaction I had with Neha ma’am in Pitampura center, I was pretty impressed by how she pitched about the MBA, whole program that is there. When I went to *IME or some other institute they just told me this is the fee structure, this is what you will pay, this is what you will learn. But here they actually told me like week by week how they will proceed. So, that actually … that pitch … really made me think that they are doing something different. And it was fantastic!

Sukrita Ahuja

(SIBM Pune)

From school, we are taught to be multi-taskers, and confident in everything we do.But when I got into college, I lost that confidence. At MBAGuru, the faculty is … amazing … So, I was a very demotivated person before I joined MBAGuru. But it helped me develop my speaking skills, and MBAGuru made me a more confident person. It helped me develop as an overall person. I am what I am because of MBAGuru today. They actually helped me overcome my fears. ADAPTIVE Module helped me become a less lazier person and a more responsible person … so, yeah!

Utkarsh Agarwal

(XLRI, New IIMs)

When I joined, I was a bit shy in the starting. I was not able to put up my doubts in the class. So, I think MBAGuru was different in this … they provided only 25-27 batch strength and that was very different. It allowed me to overcome my hesitation. The teachers, you just need to talk to them, and they will solve everything.

Disha Batra

(IIM S/ MDI Gurgaon/ IIFT Delhi/ IIT Delhi/ SIBM Pune/ SCMHRD/ New IIMs)

I was very nervous because this was my only chance to go for it. There were moments of doubt. MBAGuru does not just professionally provide coaching, they provide assistance, they provide support. The teachers are so passionate about teaching, I mean, it reflects in the teaching methods. They even provide personalized attention and problem solving to each and every student. They have this ADAPTIVE Module so I knew that incase I falter anywhere they will be there to support it, they will give extra classes, which they did.They just provided ‘n’ number of extra lasses, as and when required. I expected that I would crack a few good colleges but I never thought that I would … that there would come a time when I would be confused between such good colleges, and which one to join and which not … like I am right now. So, I am really satisfied … am really happy with everything here.

Anjali Sahani

(IIM Indore, IIM Shillong, New IIMs)

Coming from a Humanities background, I was really weak in Maths. So, the ADAPTIVE Modules of MBAGuru really helped me to clear the Sectional cut-offs, and it helped me achieve my goal. In one word, it would be the BEST!MBAGuru was the one thing made me achieve this level.

Mohit Kaushik

(IIM C/ ISB Hyderabad/ IIM K)

So, I think there are a number of things that MBAGuru has got going for it, but the most important factor that I found, which is different from the other coaching institutes is that the class size is pretty small here.Especially in my batch, we started off with 15-16 guys, and it never went to more than 25! So that is something that I think is the best in comparison with other coaching institutes So, I joined MBAGuru for one reason that was the class-size and later on I found out that there were actually many other things which really worked for me. It’s been a pretty good journey, last 1-1.5 years And thanks, thanks a lot … that’s really what I want to say.

Shikhir Sapra

SP Jain/ IIM S/ MDI Gurgaon/ SIBM Pune / SCMHRD/ New IIMs

I think that MBAGuru taught me that you’ve to take learning as a step-by-step process.
The ADAPTIVE Process is a great approach. We took the SWOT Analysis at the start of the MBAGuru program and that really helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses as well.
In my mock-CAT (AIRCAT) scores, I had a 60 percentile in my Quantitative (skills) at some point and in the final CAT I was able to score a 95 percentile. So I am pretty happy with the progress I was able to make in this area of weakness, that I had identified. One word that I would use to describe MBAGuru is all-rounder! Because not only do they shape you to perform well in the CAT, they shape you holistically so that you can also perform well in your GDPI and in your career!


IIM A, C, L, K, I , S, SP Jain

The faculty is really really good. Revision and Exceed sessions at MBAGuru prepare you for the worst to ensure the best. ADAPTIVE Module is a boon for students who need it. AIRCATs are very similar to reality and you develop the habit of attempting 55-60 questions, which is not possible in other institutes’ mocks, but is finally needed.



ADAPTIVE Prep allows you to invest time according to your streangths and weakness. Personalized attention from the staff as well as faculty is remarkable – they got out of their way to help us. You get a well-structured approach for classes and homework. The AIRCAT Test series closely emulates the actual exam.


IIM-A, IMI, IMT, KJ Somaiyya, BIM Trichy, NIRMA

Getting a good score in CAT is not enough, you have to face the selection process as well. MBAGuru helped me in preparing for WAT and PI for good knowledge and confidence, GD sessions helped us very much. The PI sessions helped me to analyze where I was lacking and how to face an interview in which I was weak. Their guidance and support helped me to face the interviews and GDs with utmost confidence.



MBAGuru played a pivotal role in my getting a good percentile in CAT. The ADAPTIVE approach is an innovative way of learning effectively which completely changed my approach towards the preparation. It helped me to identify the areas I really needed to focus on, and guided me to convert my weaknesses into strengths. Every aspect of the course, ranging from material structure to faculty panel, was impeccable.


IIM-A, B, C, K, I, L

Studying with MBAGuru opened up a new horizon of opportunities for me which helped me improve. The faculty is very helpful and friendly and took ample care to make us thorough with the course. Rohit sir has been exceptional in laying out the basic fundamentals of Mathematics and simplifying the complexities of the same. Overall, it was an enriching experience and I would suggest everyone to opt for the same.


YLP ISB Hyderabad

MBAGuru has been a complete Support System in its truest sense. From the optimum batch size and the adaptive prep to the flexible one-to-one sessions, everything strives to accommodate students’ needs in every possible manner. The best part about MBAGuru is the quality and knowledge of the faculty and to know that you are in safe hands. The entire team, especially Tina ma’am, Vikram Sir, Pardeep Sir and Vaibhav Sir have been very supportive, encouraging and easily approachable. The focus on understanding the concepts and the enriching GDPI sessions have been an upside. I am very thankful to MBAGuru for helping me in my journey to achieve my dreams.


YLP ISB Hyderabad

Getting into ISB has been my dream from the very beginning and MBAGuru made this dream come true by helping me prepare for GMAT and get through with the application process. I am thankful to to this institution for letting the students get taught by wonderful teachers like Tina Ma’am and Vaibhav Sir, and helping students like met to achieve my goals..



I am extremely grateful to MBAGuru for the smart preparation they provided me as it helped me to crack the CAT. I am very thankful to the faculty and administration because they were very supportive and helped me thorough my preparation. I would like to thank all the faculty members who supported me throughout my prepration. I joined the coaching just 4 months prior to the exam and with the guidance and help of the the amazing faculty I was able to crack the CAT. And most importantly, the ADAPTIVE process really helped me a lot.



For someone like me, who needs personal attention to bring out best in me, MBAGuru was the perfect choice. It provides personal attention to each and every student as the class size is small. There are individual mentors for each subject and all the faculty members are always available for the guidance. Because of the well structured preperation, I was able to score well in every examination that I took. Thank you, MBAGuru.


IIM - L, K, S, All New IIMs, IIT-Bombay, Delhi, SP Jain, SIBM, NMIMS

Since beginning, MBAGuru faculty and curriculum adapted to my weaknesses and strengths. While areas I was good at were further strengthened, my weaknesses were worked on by the faculty members, who supported me at every stage of my preparation. Now, when introspect, I feel lucky to be a part of MBAGuru as it really transformed my life.



MBAGuru is the ideal platform in transforming one’s talent and skill into success. The comprehensive study pattern integrated with the ADAPTIVE learning helped me to build on my strengths and work on my weaknesses. The ADAPTIVE sheets in the classroom, AIRCATs, regular faculty interaction are a big boost towards preparing for CAT. I would like to sincerely thank MBAGuru and the faculty members for helping me in my quest to realise my dream of IIMs.


New IIMs, IIFT, NMIMS, MDI Gurgaon

Standing true to its name, MBAGuru has been the sole mentor to my MBA preparation. The discussions with the faculty helped me understand my weak areas and develop strategy to improve upon them. The exhaustive study material and AIRCATs made sure that I did not have to look anywhere else. The GD-PI-WAT faculty also played a crucial role in my preparation and gave me the much-needed confidence required to ace the selection process. I am extremely thankful to MBAGuru for helping me realize my potential and fulfilling my dream to secure admission in top management institutes.


New IIMs, SP Jain, MDI, SIBM and XLRI

I am highly grateful to the excellent culture of MBAGuru which made the CAT preparation quite easy for me. My sincerest thanks to Vaibhav sir for Quant and DI, Vikram sir for GD-PI sessions and to Tina mam who is the best mentor I ever had in Verbal skills. Also many many thanks to Abhilasha mam for well thought out schedules and all her support. Special thanks to Deekshant sir who kept us motivated till the day of exam. The ADAPTIVE module and AIRCATs proved to be most effective in cracking CAT.



Be it in terms of the content in basic course material, the learning imparted in classes, or the comprehensiveness of the test series, MBAGuru has been great. At every stage of the testing process (CAT, WAT-GD-PI), there are ample tools for self-improvement provided by MBAGuru. The feedback and guidance from the faculty proved priceless. I am very thankful to the faculty and administration since they were very supportive and helped me thorough my preparation, I would like to thank Vaibhav Sir, Abhishek Sir, Tina Ma’am, and Vikram Sir. And most importantly the ADAPTIVE process really helped me a lot.


IIM-K, New IIMs, SIBM Pune, NMIMS, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IMT, IMI

MBAGuru has been one of the important components in my preparation. Its well structured study material and excellent pedagogy in classes have helped me to channel my spirit to work hard in the right direction. It is the essence of ADAPTIVE preparation that enabled me to identify my weaknesses and strengths and work upon them. The AIRCATs were very close to actual CAT, and the detailed analysis helped me in identifying different question types and levels. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I sincerely thank the entire team at MBAGuru for making me stand in a good stead.


New IIMs

The faculty at MBAGuru helped me realise my true potential and helped me prepare better for the exams. My performance was a result of my experience both inside and outside the classroom. Specially the ADAPTIVE preparation by Tina Mam, Vailbhav sir and GDPI classroom by Vikram Sir, Anshul Sir helped me prepare well for the grilling interviews I faced. I would like to dedicate my performance to my mentors at MBAGuru.



MBAGuru has been immensely helpful in preparing me to face the CAT and other exams. The interactive classrooms, brainstorms in class, home sheets, and the supportive faculty helped me in my comprehensive development. Guidance, support and individual attention are always the top priority here. Every student gets time and focus from faculty to administrative department. I really wish to thank MBAGuru for working so hard with me on improving my weak areas and enhancing strong areas.


New IIMs, NMIMS, IIT-Kharagpur, IIT- Kanpur IMT, IMI

After joining MBAGuru, you will not have to worry about the GD/PI round anymore. Just leave your conversion to the safe hands of Vikram Sir and Anshul Sir. After attending GD preparation classes, I almost always had a huge edge over other students in my GD rounds. The Mock PIs also helped a great deal in finding the best out of myself and how I can present the same to the Interview panel of the college. I would sincerely like to thank MBAGuru for providing me with such a great faculty to facilitate my call conversion process.


New IIMs, IMT-G, XIMB, IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Kanpur

MBAGuru has helped me sail through my CAT preparation in a very smooth and effective manner. The comprehensive study material and a 360 degree approach towards CAT and other competitive examinations are commendable and I would like to thank the faculty and other staff of MBAGuru for giving me the guidance towards a great future.



ADAPTIVE prep has an immaculate inception and robust planning. Because of their unique pedagogy, I took a leap of faith and I have never regretted that decision. It’s all about dedication towards the goal and this institution is filled with it. They inspired me to perform at my best when I felt I couldn’t. Untiring cooperation and support of the faculty helped me conquer CAT. It has been a transforming journey and I sincerely appreciate all their efforts.



My time with MBAGuru has been quite an experience. The faculty here is as good as it can be – Rohit sir is the wittiest teacher I’ve met & Tina ma’am is one of those very few teachers who really want you to succeed. And then there’s Vikram sir, he is the best GD-PI mentor one can get. The administration here is also top class. They give their 100% to make you avail that particular session :p. I don’t know if I could have achieved what I have, if it were not for MBAGuru.


IIM - L, I, R, All New IIMs

The mentorship I received at MBAGuru was phenomenal. The entire process of the preparation, specially the ADAPTIVE course, was a great experience. The mentors and teachers guided me towards my goal through their process which was very effective for the preparation and also helped me in personality development. I want to thank MBAGuru alot for their care and nurture.



My experience at MBAGuru was wonderful. The ADAPTIVE methodology is a completely unique preparation strategy. I have had a wonderful experience at MBAGuru; the teachers are phenomenal; the class room environment is lively; the support staff is courteous and always ready to help. The GDPI sessions were enriching and played an important part in my overall development. I owe my success to the entire faculty of MBAGuru. I would recommend all MBA aspirants to experience the ADAPTIVE methodology.



My experience with MBAGuru was truly enriching. The faculty members are really supportive and walk the extra mile for the betterment of the students. The GD/PI sessions and the feedback/interaction thereafter with the mentors further helped me to sharpen my skills required to ace the GD/PI of different IIMs. Yet, the best part about the course is The ADAPTIVE methodology, which gave me the much needed edge over other students who went for conventional CAT preparation.


SP Jain

My experience at MBAGuru has been exceptional. The faculty members are well versed with their subjects and take immense care in imparting required knowledge. The class structure are such that it gives you adequate time to comprehend the topic, practise enough questions within the class itself and be able to rate your performance against that of others. Moreover, with the adaptive preparation, it is possible for you to judge your stage of preparation in all the topics and improve upon it, if required, through various levels of questions. The GD and PI classes are extremely beneficial too and prepare you well for all the scenarios that you may face. All in all, it has been an enriching experience.



The experience at MBAGuru was most enlightening and exciting. The specific focus on adaptive learning was a refreshing change to the moribund ways of working for such a course structure. I am very grateful to all faculty members for their support and assistance.



It was an amazing learning experience at MBAGuru. The faculty members were outstanding and highly supportive throughout the year. AIRCATs helped improve my score during the last stage of preparation. Adaptive learning is a completely unique concept and strongly recommended for every serious aspirant of CAT. I thank the whole MBAGuru team for guiding my way through.



MBAGuru has been immensely helpful in systematically preparing me to face the CAT and other entrance exams. The interactive classrooms, exhaustive class and home sheets, realistic AIRCATs, adaptive tests and the supportive faculty added to the process of my development at MBAGuru. Guidance, support and individual attention is always the top priority here. I really wish to thank MBAGuru for helping in identifying my weak points and convert them into strengths.



The Adaptive prep model really helped me. The material provided in class was exhaustive and covered all the concepts. The 3 hour sessions helped me endure high concentration level for longer hours. The test series questions and environment was also very similar to actual CAT.



I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the entire MBAGuru team for helping me achieve my dream. All the faculty members are really concerned for the success of every student, and take all the sessions with utmost passion and enthusiasm. The adaptive methodology was a very unique feature of the course. It helped me to gauge my strengths and weaknesses, and made me understand the level and extent of practice and effort needed in individual areas.



MBAGuru is unquestionably the best training institute for CAT. The faculty members are very helpful and guide you at every point of your preparation. The course planning is highly meticulous, especially the adaptive training, which not only enhanced my strengths but also helped me in converting my weaknesses into strengths. I am very grateful to the entire MBAGuru team for my success.



MBAGuru has all the qualities that an MBA aspirant needs in a coaching institute. The adaptive preparation that the institute follows took my learning experience to a whole new level. Very helpful and expert faculties. I dedicate my success to MBAGuru.


New IIM’s, SP Jain, XLRI, MDI

MBAGuru has helped me immensely, guiding me throughout the year round, and constantly motivating me, which helped me achieve the desired result.



My experience at MBAGuru has been fantastic. One of the things that set them apart is their faculty, which goes beyond all boundaries to guide and help the students, especially Tina Ma’am and Vaibhav Sir.



My overall experience with MBAGuru was extremely positive as the faculty as well as the administration personnel gave their best efforts towards the overall grooming of the students, which is crucial from the perspective of any reputed B-school. The adaptive course was extremely helpful as it ensured that individual attention was given to every student according to his need, and weak areas which resulted in a customized preparation for everyone of us. I am heartily thankful to the entire team of MBAGuru for helping me achieve my goals.



Joining MBAGuru was the right decision for me. Right from the beginning they have helped me in preparing systematically for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. The ADAPTIVE preparation is extremely helpful in identifying your weak and strong areas. The faculty panel is super amazing, and is always available to help us with our doubts. I sincerely want to thank MBAGuru for helping me realize my true potential.



The esteemed faculty members, with their experience, have exposed us to the different kinds of exam problems and questions. They, along with supportive staff members, have motivated and guided us throughout this journey. The GD and PI sessions held at the end are very helpful to understand the actual scenario.


IIFT, NMIMS, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee, IIT Kanpur

Choosing MBAGuru over other institutes was probably one of my best decisions on my path to pursue MBA. The faculty at MBAGuru has always been helpful and motivating in the journey to crack the competitve exams. The adaptive methodology of teaching along with the faculty places the institute ahead of others. I would like to thank the whole team of MBAGuru in helping me secure admission in one of the best management colleges in India.



The course content and teaching methods were precise and effective but MBAGuru helped me in more ways than just polishing my skills in QA, DILR and VA. The mentors were always available for help. The personalised approach due to small batch size motivated me to keep working when I was on the verge of giving up. GDPI prep and the online platform are the best that the Delhi region has to offer. All in all, thanks to MBAGuru, Deekshant Sir and Rohit Sir for helping me realise my dream.



MBAGuru is the only place where the students are trained under a completely unique pedagogy. Understanding faculty members, individual attention to every student, continuous problem solving sessions, constant monitoring are some of the factors that make one’s experience at MBAGuru memorable. Everyone at MBAGuru, from the enthusiastic faculty members to the ever supportive administrative staff, is committed to the success of every student.



MBAGuru has lived up to his promise of holistic development. They not only helped me with CAT preparations, but with goal clarity as well. The classroom sessions with all the faculty members were really interactive. The individual attention and one to one interactions really helped me in overcoming my weaknesses. ADAPTIVE classes and regular tests were a bonus point. The GDPI sessions in the end were just simply stupendous and extraordinary. Every faculty member was a motivation to me. The results are significantly positive and I really wish to thank MBAGuru for helping me in achieving my dreams.



Teaching methodology of faculty at MBAGuru is exemplary. They have given more than what they had stated and the commitment levels of faculty members on and off the coaching is ineffable. I’m highly impressed and inspired by the exceptional faculty members, who always encouraged me to push my limits further and do better.


IMT, K.J.Somaiya

Studying at MBAGuru was a great learning experience. Unlike others, MBAGuru focuses on the overall development of an aspirant, that includes communication, public speaking etc. along with studies. The adaptive classes placed a special emphasis on improving my weak areas and the regular classes laid a strong conceptual foundation for Maths and English. I would like to thank the MBAGuru team for their guidance and support in this learning process, especially the GD and PI training, which gave me a great edge over others.



My entire experience at MBAGuru was valuable. Their ADAPTIVE Prep methodology changed the entire scenario and helped me overcome my weak areas. The faculty here is very helpful. They cleared all the basic concepts. GD/PI was entirely a different experience. It was special. I am thankful to the entire team for their guidance and I am sure that they will continue to give me support and motivation.


IIM A, C, L, K, I

MBAGuru was the turning point in my MBA preparation journey. The insights on interview preparation were very helpful and enabled me to understand and develop a basic perspective towards various relevant dynamics. The perception I created and the vision MBAGuru helped me to nurture has empowered me to a great extent. I would like to thank MBAGuru for the support and the guidance that I received.



Team Roots has worked like a team to guide us and help us bring out the best within us! I am immensely grateful to the mentors I had at MBAGuru. They are very helpful and are always ready to go a step beyond to help us. Be it for the exam or for anything related to the selection process, we were trained at every step of the process and were always given effective mocks for interviews. The management, faculty, rigorous and comprehensive worksheets, real-time mock CATs and ADAPTIVE batches, all have helped us excel! The ADAPTIVEs pushed us to polish our weaker aspects and helped ensure good scores. I feel fortunate to be associated with MBAGuru and can recommend it without a second thought.



MBAGuru has played a major role in nurturing and enhancing my skills. I made a wise decision of joining MBAGuru. The ADAPTIVE module helped me to focus on my weak points and enhance my strong points. The concept of home sheets made me disciplined and more determined towards my goal. Faculty and staff members here are very supporting and encouraging. GD-PI sessions by Vikram sir is a unique experience in itself. I would really like to thanks MBAGuru for helping me at each and every step.


IIM B, C, L, K, S.P. Jain

To clear CAT you need “mentors” not just “teachers” and that’s what you get at MBAGuru. The mentors are always there to guide you not just for CAT but also for the next round.


IIM- A, B, C, L, I, K, New IIMs, IIFT, SP Jain

At MBAGuru, one gets a fine blend of the right ingredients required to succeed. From immaculate course structure, right delivery, great mentors, in-place systems, customised content, realistic and simulated test series to ADAPTIVE methodology; every aspect of the preparation is amazing. The mock GD/PIs conducted by the faculty members were really helpful in assessing my strengths and weaknesses. Three cheers to MBAGuru!!!


IIM-A, B, C, K, I, R

I would dedicate my success in CAT completely to MBAGuru. What makes MBAGuru different from other coaching institutes is the kind of personal attention given to every student depending on individual their needs. The AIRCATs were similar, even tougher than CAT, and helped me to identify and overcome my weaker areas. The ADAPTIVE coaching was extremely useful which helped me to manage my time during preparation. Overall I would say that if you want to crack the CAT then MBAGuru is the place.



MBA Guru is the reason why I have been shortlisted of so many B Schools. Their biggest USP is their adaptive approach to preparation. They make you work hard particularly on your weaknesses so that they become your biggest strength. Their faculty is also one of the best I have studied under. The AIRCAT’s that they have are closest to the real CAT exam and also their counselling sessions are of great significance in boosting one’s self confidence. If someone is serious about CAT then MBA Guru is the place to be.



My experience with MBAGuru, beginning from the day I took SWOT till date has been amazing.The team aims to develop the student holistically,Starting from the day you enter there. For CAT, doesn’t only require your intelligence but it also requires sincerity, punctuality and an effective time management. The team ensures that every student gets individual attention, for this they plan one-to- one interactions. Management and teachers are very supportive. Small batch sizes make it even easier to approach the teachers. Level 1 and level 2 assignments prepared me to handle the actual CAT. My journey to my dream B-school has been very smooth because of MBAGuru.



MBAGuru played a very important role in my final CAT result as well as my overall personality. Classroom strength was optimal and the environment in classes was full of energy. Teachers here are very well experienced in their subjects as well as dealing with our problems related to our profile. My ADAPTIVE classroom program was a breeze with Vaibhav Sir teaching QA and Tina Ma’am teaching Verbal. GD-PI/ WAT part is handled by Vikram sir who made every session a whole lot interesting than it can be. I can whole heartedly recommend MBAGuru to anybody who is thinking about joining any coaching institute for CAT preparation.



The one thing that made me choose MBAGuru for my CAT preparation was their adaptive module and batch size. The kind of personal attention that you get in a small batch inspires you to study. The teacher knows about your strengths and they guide you accordingly. You can easily resolve your doubts. If you are not comfortable in any topic and you wish to study from basic level, you can attend there module classes. AIRCATs are also very useful and they helped me to stay focused in my CAT exam.



MBAGuru has not just been an institute for entrance preparation, it has been a great journey throughout. The best part is its faculty, which are more like cool and amazing mentors. All of them are very friendly. Sandeep Garg sir’s detailed math concepts just fit and gets locked in your brain. Abhishek Raj Sir’s knowledge is so wide that you get reasons for even little things in English. Vaibhav Sir’s speed and swiftness throughout his fun-filled class makes DI seem pretty easy. The AirCat series prepares you for any surprise in CAT. The batch size is very apt, through which you get personal attention. So, if you aim CAT, MBAGuru is the place!



It was the best decision I made of not going by the fame of institution but the principles they abide by. Mentors at MBAGuru help you liberate your mind and make you think at various angles, like an actual manager. Abhilasha ma’am and her team are always there for you to help. It is not just a conventional coaching center, but they help you work on your roots for long term effects. Ankit sir, Rahul sir and Nishant sir helped me work on my basics. Vikram sir changed my life. He made me think about things I have never considered and assign values to them. At last, I will just say keep up the good work guys.


IIM K, I, GMAT - 710

MBAGuru has been a splendid learning experience. I especially appreciate their focus on every student based on his/her requirements. Abhishek Sir offered 24/7 support in order to clear my doubts. This level of dedication is shown by all teachers here, and it really motivated me to give my best.Furthermore, the AIRCATs give a great picture of one’s actual performance in CAT. The skills I learned while taking these mocks really helped during D-day. Overall, I can confidently say that if you really want to crack CAT, XAT, GMAT or any other entrance exam for that matter, MBAGuru will definitely help you achieve that!



Appearing for CAT and other MBA exams for the second time, I am thankful to MBAGuru for its support and utmost attention,I got.Their pedagogy is something you can’t find in other coaching institute.To add icing to the cake,the adaptive learning method is fruitful to all the MBA aspirants,but above all the best thing about MBA Guru is the dedication shown by Deekshant sir, who started MBAGuru, is something which keeps you motivated, his frequent mails keep you on your toes and make sure you do your best.



MBAGuru, the name itself tells, it is the GURU of MBA and it has been proving this since years. It has a defined strategy of preparation, ADAPTIVE PREPARATION. You get to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and accordingly you are made to work on those. They have highly qualified faculties who are masters of their respective fields. The 3 hours class strategy makes you get prepared for real CAT three hours.



MBAguru has helped me reach my true potential. The difference between MBAguru and any other institute is the personal attention that each and every student gets. Their discipline in home-work checking is unparalleled. The batch size is restricted to 30 so that each and every student gets to clear his doubts. The AIRCAT are harder than the actual test as one should prepare for the worst. The teachers are familiar with the whole process of MBA application and are always ready to help. With MBAguru you not only get teachers but also personal guidance with respect to how to gain clarity and achieve your goals.



MBAGuru is one of the best institutes with the best faculties. Tina maam, teaching VARC made the subject interesting and easy to understand and helped me tackle the subject that I was fearing the most. Quantitative Aptitude, despite being a difficult subject was taught by Rohit sir with so much clarity, i was made to believe that i could crack that section with so much ease. Vaibhav sir had a unique way of teaching DILR, every question from his perspective seemed very easy and we were able to understand it better. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.


IIM-A, C, K, L, I

So now when my journey is complete, I can look back and count on the support I got from MBAguru be it for classes, backups, doubt sessions, faculty guidance etc. They have helped me at each step and delivered all the promises made initially. The concept of adaptive preparation and homework sheets really helped me to work in the right direction and achieve my goal. Thanks for superb guidance and adaptive preparation.



MBAGuru helped me to start my CAT journey with focused target and continuous motivation. The faculty went out of the way to help the students, special mention to Rahul Sir in that regard. The ADAPTIVE pedagogy and the faculty support added immensely to maximise the learning. The admin team is also very supportive. I enjoyed being a part of MBAGuru.



My experience at Mbaguru has been fullfilling both in terms of my personal satisfaction and my value for money. The adaptive pedagogy helped me to recognize my weak areas and work even harder on them. The amount of efforts and heart they put in me, motivated me further to avhieve my goal. I got personalized attention, strategies based on my SWOT which made me achieve my goal. It was a fruitful experience for me


IIM  A, K, L, I

I would recommend MBAGuru to everyone who wants to crack CAT. They deliver what they promise – ADAPTIVE method of teaching unlike other institutes which only promise and forget. Teachers are all well experienced and always open to your doubts or apprehensions about anything related to CAT. Ananya Maam, Sachin Sir and Vikram Sir have been great mentors and teachers. They helped me in their own ways throughout my CAT prep. AIRCATs, adaptive pedagogy and homework- everything is as promised.


IIM A, B, C, L, I, K, SP Jain

MBAGuru has been instrumental in making my preparation journey a fruitful. At MBAGuru, you don’t just get taught, you get to learn. This institute is unique in many ways, some of its key highlights include the optimum batch size, adaptive learning methodology, thoughtfully designed study modules and most importantly, highly experienced and approachable faculty members. Nowhere else would you find such teachers or mentors who would go out of their way to help and guide you at each step. What really sets MBAGuru apart is the connection that they build with their students. They align their goals with yours and make your problems theirs. MBAGuru delivers what it promises and more. Thanks for walking that extra mile for your students!

Thanks to all the students for their love and for rating MBAGuru as the best course for CAT in Delhi.

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