Classroom ADAPTIVE Coaching for CAT

Why Classroom Adaptive Coaching for CAT?

Before we try and understand the reasons of why Adaptive CAT coaching classes could be advantageous for you, let’s understand why coaching should be done for MBA entrance and how you can increase your chances of getting selected to IIMs or premier b-schools in India.

How to increase the chances of getting admission to a good MBA college?

MBA entrance examinations such as CAT are very competitive. Hence, most of the students need and seek professional guidance. A majority of students opt for classroom traditional CAT coaching, a small percentage of students opt for correspondence courses or smaller variants of the classroom traditional CAT coaching such as National Level Mock CAT Series or Personal Interview Preparation.

How does classroom traditional CAT coaching help?

Classroom traditional CAT coaching offers a good mix of standard material and classroom guidance through subject experts. Typically, it also includes a Mock CAT series with rankings/percentiles and tutoring for the personality assessment stage once the results of the aptitude assessment stage are out. So, it gives one a platform to practice.

What are the limitations of classroom traditional CAT coaching?

There are 2 significant limitations of classroom traditional classroom coaching:

  1. It invariably offers a standard module to everyone and it treats you in the same manner as everyone else. It functions like an assembly line system
  2. It is used by a vast majority of students – hence, in relative terms also, your chances of success do not increase much

So, despite its noble intentions, most students do not gain much from a classroom traditional CAT coaching.

Why is classroom traditional coaching no longer as effective?

One major reason why classroom traditional CAT coaching fails to deliver on its promise is that it is outdated. While life around us has changed immensely over the past 20 odd years (you wouldn’t even remember those days when you used to go to a post-office to send a hand-written letter to a dear friend, would you?), classroom traditional CAT coaching hasn’t. The following visual should amplify the fact that it is time for change!

Period1978-19951991-20102011 and beyond
Nature of CATSimple CAT. Less competitionPencil-paper CAT. Increase in competitionCAT goes online and may soon be adaptive. Intense competition
CAT preparationCorrespondence Course (Leader: IMS)Classroom Traditional CAT coaching (Leader: TIME)Classroom ADAPTIVE Prep for CAT (Leader: MBAGuru)
Mode & method of deliveryMaterial via PostMaterial + Teaching in classroom (mainly offline) – Standard delivery to every studentAs per your needs – Material + Teaching (offline + online)
Impact on chances of successEvery aspirant took it and by early 1990’s, it no longer gave an edgeEveryone took it and over the past few years, it no longer increases your chancesMAXIMUM Impact!
The Trend of CAT:

When you prepare students for an exam that continuously changes, you need to continuously ADAPT. For this very reason, Classroom Adaptive Prep for CAT@MBAGuru not only ADAPTS to the students’ needs but also proactively ADAPTS to the visible and likely changes in the CAT. The 3-hour long classroom sessions at MBAGuru came into existing 3 years BEFORE the CAT became a 180 minutes affair!

An adage in Stock Markets goes something like: “The trend is your friend”. The trend in CAT is clear and visible and we can foresee its likely course. And, if there is one thing we are without a doubt best at, it is ADAPTING. We will, and we will ensure that you too stay ahead of time!

Why Classroom ADAPTIVE Prep-V3?
  • An easier QA Section has been the trend many years in a row at CAT (and at XAT too) suggesting at the inclination of the IIMs and Top B-schools to explore beyond Science/Maths students for prospective managers.
  • The extreme focus on Reading Comprehension (which was almost 75% of the English Section in CAT, much higher than the usual 50%), instead of direct knowledge-based questions, shows that comfort with reading and vocabulary of varied hues, ability to reason critically, infer from and summarize a given text is now mandatory. Cracking the VARC (English) Section has become mandatory now to break the tie that is likely to happen in the other 2 sections.
How Classroom ADAPTIVE Prep-V3 helps?

V3 brings Classroom ADAPTIVE Prep in its most powerful avatar yet. Classroom ADAPTIVE Prep-V2 itself was the most intensive classroom program with highest number of hours in the industry. V3 pushes the boundary further and takes it right to the edge.

Classroom ADAPTIVE Prep-V3 is designed to be, by far, the most powerful and intense CAT prep program till date in not only Delhi but the entire nation. We intend to continue being the best and shaking the Traditional CAT coaching industry which just hordes students into big batches and delivers the same standard stuff, year after year.

No holds barred. No limits. We will ADAPT – ahead of TIME, every time 🙂

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Google Reviews

Abhimanyu Yadav

I received calls from IIM C, L, K, S, New IIMs. MBAGuru's contribution in getting these calls is crucial. My journey with MBAGuru started with a SWOT examination which helped me in identifying what I was best at and what needed improvement. Based on the test, I was provided Adaptive classes which covered the topics from the basics. The batch...
Aishwarya Jain

I feel this institution provides a lot more services than it's competitors, be it the mocks and online adaptive tests, or information availability (I have online lectures available!) or just one on one teacher student interaction. Definitely a top notch quality institute.
Alisha Verma

Amazing!! If you really want to receive guidance to crack CAT, then definitely this is the place. Not just for CAT, but other MBA exams and before and after processes of these exams. Experienced faculty, small batch size, lot of practice material, backup facilities, exam series and all the guidance will definitely help you throughout this journey of "MBA".
Anjali Gupta

I received call from colleges such as IIM L, I, K, New IIMs, XIMB, IIFT. What more could an aspirant want from an institute? With top quality study material and excellent faculty members who go out of their way to help students, MBAGuru is one of the best institutes for anyone who feels the need for adaptive preparation. Not only...
Chinmay Jain

MBAGuru is not just a coaching center but more like a friend to me. MBAGuru provided me personal guidance that I was really looking for. The adaptive module methodology and the regular homework checking process followed by the institute are actually required for any student to succeed. They transformed an ordinary student like me to a 97.67%ile getter in CAT....
Jatin Kohar

MBAGuru, with its dedicated faculty and support team, helped me at each stage of my exam preparation. The unique use of the ADAPTIVE scorecard, class sheets and home sheets alongside the AIRCATs ensured that I was well versed with each topic during the exam. I owe my success to the training received at MBAGuru.
Manvi Jain

My journey at MBAGuru was full of learnings. Its very small batch size and extensive faculty interaction are the best features. Its CAT preparation ADAPTIVE techniques and rich study material made me get calls from the top IIMs(B, L, I, K, V, New IIMs).The interview preparation covers multiple aspects(HR, General Affairs, Business knowledge, Economy) that a candidate must know. I...
Mayank Bhasin

MBAGuru is a great place to learn everything and anything about CAT. The faculty here are really supportive, and the adaptive process is a good initiative towards extracting the maximum out of each and every aspirant.
Pranav Garg

Mba Guru helped me very much in achieving my targets. With the help of teachers and mentors I got 99.67 percentile in CAT
Pratibha Jalan

For better education facility, what do you need? A great mentor who can shape you to the way in which you can conquer the road, one who walks down on the road with you and the one who is there to say out loud when you loses your focus. Similarly, Mba Guru is platform, were you get great faculty, great...
Riddhi Tiwari

Got 99.28%ile in CAT. ❤ great start for all the mba aspirants, the faculty here is really amazing, all the mentors give incredible guidance, parik sir gives amazing strategy to english, kunal sir , arvind sir and rahul sir make the most dreaded section i.e., maths(quant and di sections) look so easy... individual guidance is given to all the students....
Shivani Gupta

Its the best place to prepare for CAT Exam. They not only prepare you for CAT but also for other Management exams as well. Teachers guide you with every exam procedure and colleges as well. All the faculties are very interactive and experienced in teaching they know how to understand and communicate with student. Problem are solved efficiently. Batch size...
Smritii K

The faculty is very good and they make everything so easy to understand and better. They conduct doubt sessions whenever you ask them to. Too satisfied
Srashti Milan Srivastava

Wonderful faculty ,good curriculum ,great guidance, these three things marked my journey with MBAGuru. Proper guidance of mentors helped me get a call from some top institutes like IIFT and Baby IIMs. Besides all this, motivating words of Deekshant Sir helped me throughout the preparation journey. I had a great learning experience at MBAGuru and would recommend aspirants to join...
Varsha Aggarwal

Excellent faculty, adaptive learning technique, accurate batch size makes MBAguru the right place for CAT aspirants. Not only the faculty but the staff members are also very helpful, we can have individual doubt sessions with any teacher and backup classes are also easily available. The study material and mock tests are up to date. The adaptive card is a unique...
Vatanjeet Thakran

Great place to prepare for not just CAT but all other MBA entrance exams also. The small batch size and adaptive teaching methods are what make MBA Guru different from other coaching institutes. Needles to say the faculty members are highly qualified and very helpful. If you want to prepare for CAT and other management entrance exams then MBA Guru...

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