It gets easier – CAT Preparation or marathon preparation

It gets easier - CAT Preparation or marathon preparation

The toughest part of a big challenge is the first 30 to 50%. It holds true for CAT preparation as well as something like preparing for a marathon.


For one, your conviction in yourself is generally the weakest at the beginning of a new challenge. Doubts run high, quitting is easier, and so on.

And then, once you have been in it enough, and are preparing the right way, 2 things happen that make the rest of it easier.

One, you’ve covered a lot of distance (and many of you have, so, well done), you are in a flow, and it’s easier to keep going. Momentum is with you.

Two, if you taste any improvement along the way, your confidence gets a boost. Your belief gets a fillip.

If you aren’t feeling that way, you need to be more aware of your CAT exam preparation strategy and not miss the obvious. Sometimes, when you run, run, run, you lose track of progress and purpose – you do it out of habit, without being really aware. Wake up. See where you are headed, how far you have come since you began and soak in that. You are already ahead of all those who quit so far, and that’s no mean feat. 

If you have come so far, you can go the distance! 

If you have improved 10%, you can improve 100%.

If you have gotten better at 1 thing, you can get better at 10 things.

Be aware of that – and it gets easier, and more enjoyable too.

So, as you go through with your CAT Coaching, don’t lose sight of 3 things:

What you are doing right now? – Practice (keep perfecting it)

What you have achieved till now? – Progress (keep gaining confidence from it)

Why do you need to carry on? – Purpose (keep getting motivated from it)

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