Plan after College?

The confusion that you are facing is very common. At some stage during our college, we need to start thinking about what next? And the answer’s usually a big blurry puzzle.

A job?

Higher studies in your grad area?


Let me lay out a few things to help you think.

If you have excelled at acads continuously then higher studies is probably a great idea – but the way to be sure about it is to understand that till 10th all of us study the same things.

11th onwards we move into different areas. Some of us take up biology and medicine (I wasn’t bright enough to make the cut-offs here and frankly, dissecting animals – urrgghh), some of us take up non-medical (just about made it here), some take up arts – my every attempt at it destroyed the soul of the word 🙂 – and some take up commerce. Right?

During graduation we move into even more specific streams … and a PhD is even narrower, on a single topic.

So what happens is that the higher we go, the more specialized it becomes, which is not a bad thing really. You become a specialist. Lawyers, scientists, CAs, doctors are all specialists and they can earn both name and money, practically limitlessly.

But when does specialization make sense?

You have passion for that area – enough to devote next 20-30 years of your life to it.

You are awesome in that area – because no one wants to go to the 10th/20th best specialist.

You are sure about the opportunities in that area, or even being the best won’t help.

If your answers tick all 3 above, higher education in your grad discipline is probably a great choice for you.

If one or more of the above are crosses, then you must consider MBA as the option that will take you places, literally too 🙂 I just travelled to 4 countries within a short of 12 months!

Let me leave you with this to think about for now.

More about the MBA and job options in another blog post.

The author of this post, Deekshant Sahrawat, is an IIT-Delhi and IIM-Calcutta Alumnus and Founder, Director at MBAGuru.

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