AIRCATs without course completion?

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Should you be writing AIRCATs right now even if your course is not finished?

If you have been suggested to go ahead for the AIRCATs as per your batch’s course coverage, you should. Else, you should wait just a little longer.

Taking online tests is a habit that will take some time to develop. You may not have enough time after completing the entire course to develop this habit. Hence, it makes sense to start getting used to CAT-like tests and conditions now.

What should you aim for in an AIRCAT when you haven’t completed your entire syllabus?

From the topics you have covered, you should be able to select and leave questions as per your strengths and weaknesses.

From the topics not covered in your batch as yet, you should still be able to pick and attempt some of the easy ones.

For any given level of preparation, your scores could vary drastically depending upon – question selection, time management, use of options, approach used to solve questions, intelligent guesswork and finally a little bit of luck. The first five are the ones for you to focus upon. The sixth one (luck) will take care of itself.

So, for now, don’t worry about the ammunition that you have, focus on using whatever you have in the best possible manner.

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