Poor Scores in AIRCATs?

99 percentile CAT

Many of you have written to me expressing your concern about poor scores in some AIRCATs.

Did you learn to walk in your first attempt?

Did you give up when you failed to walk for the first few times?

Did you worry and compare with the progress of other toddlers?

More recently, did you become a master of all those tough, leveled games say on the PS4, or on your phone, in the first attempt?

Did you just stop playing or did you enjoy improving and got better with time?

Were you tougher mentally as a child than you are (pretending to be) now?

Stop comparing and stop being a quitter. All you need to do is relax and try your best.

When you get data (scores), you should analyze it with your mind (to improve) and not take it to heart.

Once you know what is to be done to improve is when you bring your heart in and try passionately.

Worrying won’t help; it never does.

Doing will help; it almost always does.

You have the choice to react or act!

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