An age old adage is the perfect recipe for your CAT Prep during these times

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Uncertainty has a way of causing a brain-freeze, be it in sports, life or in your CAT Prep. Inaction comes most naturally as a reaction to something unknown and possibly horrific. 

But my not having written for a while wasn’t inaction. I was simply busier than ever. The lockdown has been a magnificent challenge. It has forced, naah inspired, us at MBAGuru to learn new things, practically every day. We have been busy ensuring a seamless transition of all our students to the online mode and making it better and better.

The one adage that has been at the center of all our action has been an age old one: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

When Delhi government announced a lockdown in Delhi till 31st March, we began preparing assuming it would extend atleast till mid-April. We did not ask our students to wait for it to resume their CAT prep classes. We encouraged them to get online and get going. And we hit the ground running.

When the PM announced a country-wide lockdown til 14th April, we began prepping assuming it would extend till mid-May as chances of an extension or a step-wise unlocking seemed real, possible (and now seem even plausible). And if that were to happen, followed by college exams for many of our students, it would eat away months of their CAT prep time. So, we didn’t slow down. Instead, we switched gears and stepped on the accelerator.

There is uncertainty like we have never seen before. But instead of worrying about what we cannot control – what we are 100% focused upon is what we can control! We are prepared for a long period of continuation of the present situation, even as we hope it normalizes as soon as possible.

If our concerns are right, our students would be ahead by miles in their CAT prep by the time the situation normalizes.

And if we are wrong, well, what do we lose? Isn’t a pleasant surprise always welcome!! And our students would still be ahead by miles and ready to switch back to their usual mode.

Whether you are looking at or enrolled in an offline CAT prep or an online one (and regardless of whether you are a student at MBAGuru or not), try and prepare according to this adage.

Don’t let either hope (quick normalcy) or fear (of uncertainty) cause you to freeze.

Act now, act today, make it count!

About the author: Deekshant has sleep-walked through several 100 and 99.9 %iles in practically every section of the CAT. That he is a cricket fan and he writes okay is evident from most of his posts. 1000s of our students swear that he can motivate almost anyone to double his/her percentile through very simple yet powerful inputs. And that’s why every MBAGuru student has direct access to him via mail and Telegram. Oddly, he somehow also finds the time to write songs professionally. And yes … almost missed this … he is an alumnus of IIT Delhi & IIM Cal 🙂 

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