Don’t Forget the Purpose

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What is the purpose of practice matches before a big series/tournament?

What is the purpose of rehearsing several times before the actual event?

It is to get a sense of what is likely to happen, learn to adapt to the demands of the finale, to identify areas of improvement and correct, to experiment to improve.

So, what happens when you don’t score well in a few practice matches or your rehearsals are not perfect?

Do you lose hope, sit back and start believing that you can never do it? Or do you see it as a bad day out of your way, a lesson learnt, a problem overcome, an issue removed?

Do you see it as the end of the road? Or do you see it as a kick on the butt to get you going with greater intensity?

Shouldn’t you think similarly about your AIRCATs/Mocks/equivalents?

These are nothing more than practice matches – the scores in these don’t matter, they never will! The only purpose is to experiment, learn and get better.

Stop being disappointed. Stop stalling. Stop stopping.

Buck up. Move on. Get going!

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