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It gets easier - CAT Preparation or marathon preparation
The toughest part of a big challenge is the first 30 to 50%. It holds true if you want to start a new business, bat in tough conditions, form a new habit or kick an old one! It holds true for CAT preparation as well as something like preparing for a marathon. There are so many things...
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Prepare for CAT like you would for a marathon
Imagine you are just starting to figure out the best way to prepare for CAT, with just over 2 months to go for CAT22. Maybe you’ve just joined the best CAT coaching institute, or you feel you haven’t made much progress so far even if you began your CAT preparation classes some time ago. So,...
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I have been writing this piece around this time of the year for several years now. A lot of students I interact with share this query especially around this time and stage of their CAT preparation. It is interesting as to how different the same thing appears when we see it from a different perspective...
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Many of you have written to me expressing your worries about poor scores in some AIRCATs/mock CATs and how it is affecting your CAT preparation. Many others among you would have faced a similar challenge in any new field you adopted anytime in your life – for example, you just started learning how to play TT and...
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I love live sporting action! This includes the keenly contested tennis-ball-cricket matches in the park right in front of my house. And of course it goes right up to all the professional sporting action with packed stadia. How is it relevant to your CAT Preparation? Will get to that in a bit. The one thing I...
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So many questions and concerns of so many CAT aspirants who reach out to me revolve around time management and discipline. And I try and answer those in several ways, trying to find a better way to explain each time. Discipline comes from consistency. And the need for discipline is one of the main reasons why...
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*Disclaimer: All stunts shown-(off?) in this article are performed by CAT experts, who know the nuances of CAT preparation inside out. Such sleeping cycles, eccentric habits and random sources of inspiration are not a part of the famous non-existent fiction-work “101 ways of how to prepare for CAT!” I am a super late sleeper and...
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This is a theme I have touched upon more than once in some of my previous write-ups. But I just cannot emphasize it enough. I will try to keep this short and I will probably take up the reason for why this WILL work 100% in doubling the effectiveness of your CAT preparation, in one of the...
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Along with the best online CAT coaching, it is true that the students also need to check the type of coaching fit for them.
The purpose of CAT coaching is to maximize your chances of success. But have you ever thought about how can a CAT Coaching help you improve so that you maximize your chances of success? For that you need to understand how an offline classroom or online coaching for CAT works. And for that let’s see...
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CAT is one of the most competitive exams in the world. The race to secure a seat at one of the top IIMs is fierce – IIM A, for example, selects around 400 students from over 2 lakh CAT aspirants (0.2% success rate), while the Harvard Business School selects around 1000 students from just 10,000...
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